Als at Cats Game thread

Wow some big plays by Hamilton in this one so far, really surprising me.

.....hung pickle....great name! :stuck_out_tongue:

Some real big plays by the Cats, where were these earlier in the year?

Who is hung pickle?

Why does Hamilton have that red stripe in their pants?

Cahoon has to be the toughest receiver in the league. Him or Clermont.

Cats looking surprisingly good so far in the second quarter!

I don't know - some guy who posted something about Montreal (but his post was deleted)

I think Hamilton has a soft spot in everyone, nice to see them making some plays!

In one of those surprise "only in the CFL moments", league officials decided to force the teams to switch jerseys prior to the game to finally give Cats fans something to cheer about :wink:

I was expecting a one-sided route, but, uh, danm!!

its one sided allright.....just not the side I expected :lol:

After manhandling both the Riders and Eskimo's, I'm more than shocked at what is going on today.

I blame it on Bellefeiulle......Just being near him has caused the Als to go back to 5 yard hitch passes! :lol:

I'm not (well, OK, kinda....). No team this year has looked great for an extended stretch of time.

Damn, I just checked the score... Did the teams switch rosters or something...?

Go Cats! Montreal doesn't need the win anyway.

This is almost as shocking as the Riders beating Calgary last night.


I guess he brought a little insider knowledge with him and it appears to have given the Cats a much needed advantage.

It's also good to hear Bellefeuille's name pronounced Bell-foy and not Bell-fay. That really irks me when they do that. They live in Canada for crying out loud. It's BELL-FOY.

I feel much better now having gotten that off my chest :smiley:

This will be a statement game for one of these teams. Either Montreal is championship material staying calm and fighting back for a win, or Hamilton is on the virge of ending it's rebuilding and might actually have a foundation to build on.

Blarg a turnover :x

C'mon Cats! Stop 'em!

Its a whole new ball game now!

WTH is going on here??? Quinton Porter is 21/24 for 358 yards and 4 TD so far?? No way do Printers or Williams do that to Montreal. This guy can throw the ball when he has