Als at Bombers 9/21/18

LB Chris Ackie (from 1-Game Injured List)
RB Tyrell Sutton (from 1-Game Injured List)

OL Trey Rutherford (to 6-Game Injured List)
WR Chris Harper (released)

K Felix Menard-Briere, and WR Jamari Staples have been released. Correction: WR Malcolm Carter, RB Lawrence Pittman have been moved to the Practice Roster

Glen Suitor said he heard that there is talk about Johnny Manziel signing an extension. Manziel does not have many options and might stay if the price is right. That is why the Als have to play him so they can determine whether he can can play at a level that would meet his salary demands.

From Game Notes:

-Last week’s 7 allowed sacks by the Als were the most given up by 1 team in 2018.

-Since 2016, the Als are 2-22 when losing the turnover battle. Bombers are 0-14.

Hopefully Montreal Gazette beat writer Herb Zurkowsky gets better soon and returns to covering the Als.

Glad to see Ackie back.

Am I alone in not liking Dozier at safety?

I hope Reed holds off on signing any extension. Manziel has allot to prove before considering any extension. No rush right now to do so.

Okie, Off point I know, but what is wrong with Herb?

From Herb’s Twitter :

“To save everyone from asking after the fact, thought I’d let people know I won’t be covering #AlsMTL game at Winnipeg Friday night. I had surgery Tuesday to remove a cancerous polyp from my bladder. Hope to return soon?

No Jack, you are not. Dozier is much better playing Cox’s linebacker position.

Has nothing to do with tomorrow’s game, but the Alouettes have “signed a two-year deal with international defensive back Tommie Campbell”. He’s now under contract for seasons 2019 and 2020.

Good news!


On this week’s Flightdeck, former Als QB Tanner Marsh was the guest.

Marsh said Johnny Manziel looks out of shape and is not the same quarterback as we was in his college or even in his pro days.He believes the Als should abandon the concept of changing QB’s every week and stick with one guy (even if they pick the wrong one).It is also his opinion that from what he has seen, Antonio Pipkin, Vernon Adams, and Matt Shiltz have more potential than does Manziel.

Don’t know if JF can get back to his previous level of play but for sure he can’t do it unless he plays. So it’s good he playing this week. He may have fallen off some but he would have to fall a long way to get down to Marsh’s level.

Tony, Thank you.

I would be so sad if that is the case. I’m going to just try and stay positive, but God is in control, whatever happens it will be alright.

I find his cardio really lacking and for a QB who has to be dynamic and in motion for four quarters, it has a huge impact. Also cuts into your ability to concentrate.

I first noticed it during the Spring league. Where he was puffin like a 63 Valiant after a quarter.

The whole comeback thing will come down to work ethics. He should be running five to ten miles every morning before sun is up and in the office on the first train.

Oh man I'd love to respond to that. . .

But I don't want to get banned.

The AC preparation regime.

Yup. He also needs to give up dairy and eat plenty of quinoa! :slight_smile:

So, it's because of God that the Alouettes are 3-9. Dammit! Johnny thought it was because of Kavis Reed and the Wetenhalls...

Johnny is gonna start a "Fire GOD" thread.