Als at Bluebombers (August 22nd)

RDS reporting a few moves, nothing immediately earth shattering.

OL Simon Légaré has been added to the practice roster. 6'4" and 275 lbs, 6th round pick in (4th overall) in 2013. Returned to U of Mtl for the 2013 season but suffered a season ending knee injury.

The Als also announced the release of DB Carter, OL Michael Simons, DL Ameet Pall and RB Brandon Rutley.

THE SNAP - Herb reporting "Jonathan Crompton, who clearly has become the team’s second-string quarterback behind Alex Brink, received plenty of first-team reps on Tuesday. Brink will start against the Bombers, but head coach Tom Higgins and his offensive assistants want Crompton prepared should he be required."

team announced the viewing party is saturday. i had to correct them. their struggles aren’t just on the field.

and i liked Luc Brodeur-Jourdain’s response to Roger Leblond’s als-bashing on RDS (‘Vivement le retour du Canadien’) : ‘what’s he so happy about it’s not like they’re airing all the games anymore’ :lol:

This is where I feel for Brink. It’s like he is never fully trusted to be the guy. When he was starter in WPG we had major injuries to our RB’s WR’s & Oline. His famous brutal game came off a short week during this span. Guess what - he struggled! He had to share reps with Elliott in practise, then the team gets healthy and they decide to go with Elliott. Elliott has some success so he takes over as the #1.
You guys gave Smith all the chances in the world, after a single start he is already sharing first team reps? Weren’t there a few Montreal fans that were very outspoken about how you should give your starter all the reps you can to properly prepare them?

Anyways, this game worries me. Obviously the Bombers are favorites seeing they are at home, and the struggles the Al’s have had - but we have struggled as well. I expect our offence to be better though as this will be the first time since week 1 that we will have all our starting receivers play. Defence will need to step up though - I just don’t want to see sloppy tackling. Special teams will be big too, that Cater return last week was huge and I’m sure he’s chomping at the bit to have another big game. If any of you watched our last game though we have our own weapon back there too - by far our most exciting player last week.

Hope it’s a good game, Go Blue! (this week it is really fitting!)

Because Higgins got lucky with Ray a decade ago, he's going back to what worked for him in the past. Its a mistake and most people know it. They gave Smith six games and that's what they should give the next guy. Practice reps are the most precious thing to a QB in the CFL, you don't cut your two practices a week in half and expect to be on par with your competition.

I wouldn’t worry too much were I to be you; I expect your team is going to win quite handily.

I don’t think they need to step up at all. As long as they play competently, they’ll do just fine against Montreal’s poor excuse of an offence, led by a journeyman QB who has been mediocre on his best days, and downright brutal on his bad days.

Of course he’s not trusted to be ‘the guy’. . .he has never shown anything to deserve that trust. Elliot, to whom you compared him, also had dreadful games, but he also had two brilliant ones, earning player of the week honours. Brink never came close to that.

Agree with you MadJack. Do not believe the Bombers have much to worry about from the Als offense.

To me, Brink should be on a short leash. If he struggles in the first half, pull him and either give Marsh or Crompton a shot at the second half.
At this point in time, nothing really to lose. Someone has to take the bull by the horns and get the offense moving beyond mid field.

Well if our defence puts in another effort with sloppy tackling (which has been pretty common lately) then we'll make your "poor excuse of an offence" look pretty potent. If they have the QB in the backfield, they need to sack him. If they have a man on the ball carrier, they need to bring him down. Home field is not where you want to display poor tackling.
So, I maintain that the defence will need to step up in that regard - doesn't matter the calibre of the offence we are playing against.
I agree with you Tony, someone needs to step up. While I feel Brink hasn't been given a fair shot with either organization, he hasn't really wowed anyone when he did get his chance. I just don't want that to be today :wink:

I hope Marsh gets some reps. He requires experience and, he brought some excitement to the team last season. The only way Marsh develops is through playing time. Nothing to lose with giving him some playing time. Like others, I'm expecting the Als will lose. Even if Hell dies frees over, this team will not get to a Grey Cup. I would rather have some competition for 2015. I do hope the team uses a two back system hopefully with a tight end in that picture. I recall Crompton with the EE last season. He is another 50% completion passer. Indeed, I still perceive Smith as the best of the lot. He was QB in some of the Als wins to date.

It would be nice for us Als fans but I wouldn’t be placing any bets on it happening tonight :wink:
Hopefully I am wrong.

You never know. Rider fans laughed at the Als for a week, most predicting wins by margins of 24 points or more... They got lucky.

We were also supposed to handily beat Toronto last week. Instead they handed it to us.

Actually, if Durant had a better game and a couple of receivers hung on to a couple of passes, the game would not have been as close as it was.

A healthy Legare is the prototype for the ALS Canadian Oline factory. Coming out of the Q after playing all 5 season with the pre College Cegep gives them a more matured 24 year old. The coaching and competition on that level fit a nice progression. Then CIS in a conference with the top Laval along with other clubs with also top coaching now prepare for the next level of pro CFL.

Pall looks to be a bust. former 1st round pick. Very odd body for a DE. Still probably expectations to be a key special teams player would have been well worth his status. The Als got him for nothing really after Calgary drafted him then left in unprotected for a couple days and he went right home to Montreal

Will be interested to see what they will do with both Whitaker and Sutton again. Sutton also has the ability to be a workhorse back in the running attack.
If they can capitalize on those early chances missed last week and get a lead running and short passing game moving the chains is possible. Sutton running, Whitaker screen game, Brink running when he sees a spot to pick up 5 plus yards and designed runs through some film study. Having both Garcia who has done it in the CFL and Turk could really help in breaking down film. Brink also has the expereince in the CFL film room.
I know the Bombers defense is different but having guys who are very experienced in breaking down game film is something they did not have with just Dinwiddie as OC

Not sure if having Crompton taking snaps in practice is the right thing currently.
But having Crompton as the #2 and Marsh in a developmental #3 spot is a much better situation.
Marsh coming from DII and thrown in as a starter in his first pro season anywhere was a bad situation. Lower level of play in college, no expereince at all with Canadian Game and being signed his true rookie year with the Als being his first pro training camp.

I tend to agree. I also assume/hope that if by game 12-13-14 the Als have fallen to have solid, sole possession of the basement in the east then it might be a time to give Marsh some regular reps; perhaps in a rotation initially to avoid the full weight being on his shoulders. No sense rushing him if they have any confidence he could develop into a starter or solid backup.

Do not want to comment on the game...

However, what is up with the Blue Bombers new uniform? Do they have any affiliation at all with the U.S. Navy? Or are they celebrating anything related to the U.S. Navy?

Winnipeg Blue Torpedoes :slight_smile:

Winnipeg Blue Berries