Als at Blue Bombers

While there are not too many options,given the players already injured, I still expect a few veterans will sit/won't play next saturday.

QB- While Anthony will dress-we have only 3 QBs- I don't expect him to play. Adrian will/should play most of the game.
OL-Scott Flory may sit; if so, I expect T Ryan White,currently on practice roster,to play.
WR-I don't expect S.J. Green to play; if OL Michael Ola can't play,-injured- I expect WR Lavasier Tuinei to play.
DL-John Bowman may sit; if so, I expect DE Kenny Iwebema or DE Aaoron Lavarias to play.-currently on practice roster-
LB-Chip Cox may sit; if so, I expect S/LB Winston Venable to play.-currently on practice roster-
DB-One could sit; if so, either DB Eddie Elder or S Christian Scott could play.-currently on practice roster-

Most of the players to sit/rest should be Imports; hence, there are not too many options with Non-Imports.Of the Non-imports currently on practice roster, I only expect T Ryan White to play. DB Lance Milton is a possibility.


Bowman said he does not want to sit. Whether that decision is his to make we will see.

I am guessing AC will start and play at least the first quarter if not first half. They had ample opportunity for him to sit yesterday especially in the 2nd half and he still played. Shooting to increase the passing yards perhaps?!

Hopefully McPherson will get more playing time other than on short yardage and 3rd down situations.

No Pierce, Edwards, Simpson,Ford,Anderson,Elliot. No point risking any injuries to Calvillo,Richardson and anyone not 100 percent.

I hope AC gets 1 quarter max. With all the injuries to the Bombers alot of rookies are going to want to make there mark for next year, so they are fresh and are gonna wanna eat! No point on risking any of our starters.

[i]Richardson is at 993 receiving yards for the season. Johnny would sure like him to play long enough to get those 7 yards :slight_smile: Then, he should be pulled.

JR will probably ask Trestman to let him play. Besides the personal stats, there is probably bonus money involved if he gets 1000 yards.[/i]

Je crois que Calvillo ne jouera pas. Il sera 3ième quart.

Je souhaite que Richardson pourra atteindre le cap des 1 000 verges encore cette saison. Il a eu une saison difficile, mais il a toujours fait passer l'équipe avant lui. Ce serait la moindre des reconnaissances que de lui donner l'occasion d'atteindre cette marque, et une façon de le garder davantage motivé.

Je souhaite que McPherson ait un gros match, histoire de savoir qu'on peut compter sur lui si Calvillo tombe au combat.

I think Jamel will dress and play a half, but I don't think we'll see him the whole game. I do, however, want him in the game when Adrian is playing, because if anything happens to Anthony, it's important that McPherson have some prior chemistry with one of our regular starters. Adrian is likely already quite familiar with guys like Bowling and Guy from scout team; it's more important to get him comfortable playing with Richardson, Green, and Bratton.

I think we can agree that Calvillo will be back in 2013, and that being the case it would be difficult for McPherson and his career for him to sign an extension.

That being the case shouldn`t Neiswander be given some game action so that he can be properly evaluated?

Not sure about Calvillo and the 2013 season. His standard answer to that question for at least three years now has been that he will take the off-season to decide. In his case there are a lot of factors to consider, many of which have nothing to do with football - his wife's health, his own...

If he does return, I agree that Adrian would most likely be gone and Popp would have to go QB shopping. No matter who he finds, AC's will be enormous shoes to fill.

For that matter, the off-season in the CFL usually brings about much change in personnel. So it will also be interesting who, of the starting lineup, will be back competing for their jobs.

Je crois que Popp a déjà anticipé cette éventualité. Il a amené des quarts-arrières comme jamais cette saison.

Ou bien McPherson lui a déjà dit qu'il ne revenait pas, ou bien Popp s'attend à ce qu'il ne revienne pas, ou bien McPherson ne faisait déjà plus partie des plans d'avenir de l'équipe.

Pour ce qui est de ne pas faire jouer McPherson, je crois que ce serait une mauvaise décision pour l'équipe. Les Alouettes ont une bonne réputation auprès des joueurs. McPherson est le quart #2. Si ce titre veut dire quelque chose, il faudrait que McPherson joue cette partie. Par respect pour lui et pour que Popp conserve le respect de ses interlocuteurs lorsqu'il discute pour recruter ou conserver un joueur.

D'autre part, imaginez un seul instant que Calvillo se blesse au cours d'une partie éliminatoire et que McPherson vienne sur le terrain à sa dernière saison d'un contrat, après qu'on lui eût préféré Nieswander lors de la dernière partie de la saison. Je ne suis pas certain qu'il serait très motivé à gagner cette partie, au contraire. Et Nieswander n'est certainement pas prêt à assumer pareille charge, un peu comme... chose, là... le gars... j'ai oublié.

I would expect to see Neiswander at some point in the 4th quarter, partly Trestman rewarding him for the work he has put in. But I am curious to see how he will do, as the Als have kept him over Santos and Garcia.

With the availability of McPherson, Reilly, and Porter in the off-season, and the uncertainty of Buck Pierce, there could be some musical QBs in the off-season. With the play of Nichols on Sunday though, Edmonton may no longer be in the market.

I would not be surprised one bit to see Tillman go after any of the QB's that will be F/A, even if Nicholls had a decent quarter.
One decent quarter does not make for a bonified regular starting QB. McPherson and Reilly have at least a "little" more experience than does Nicholls.

But again, pure speculation at this point in time. A long ways away from F/A signing time.

Well if Tillman signs McPherson, then we can always sign the youngster Kerry Joseph as A.C.`s back up. :smiley:

I'm sure that Adrian will see some action, and perhaps Neiswander also. However, I don't think either of them will get to have any chemistry whatsoever, as they will be playing with reservists, so whatever they show (or don't) may not amount to a hill 'o beans. The only way to properly evaluate a QB is when the bullets are flying, he has the whole playbook open to him, and with starters in the backfield.

There will be some movement, teams can only protect one QB at the end of next year. So some guys will be moved around either through free agency, trades or release.

According to RDS, A.C. will be the only starter not playing.

So McPherson will have a full supporting cast to audition. I`ve had my doubts about him, but certainly hope he proves me wrong.

But if he impresses, then what?

Doubts ? It takes 10 to 40 starts for a QB to develop. HIs play in this weeks game has absolutely no relationship with his ability to become a starter. Calvillo is the perfect example. He was brutal when he started took him five years and three clubs to put a good season together. Sometimes I think that's why Trestman does not use him because until a guy gets all the reps and the teams is "HIS" you don't really know how a guy will do.

He has all the physical tools, but In his limited appearances he has not struck me as being the same type of accurate passer that we have seen in Tate or Lulay. Sure A.C. improved from his Posse and Tiger-Cat days, but for every A.C. there are 20 QBs that show potential but never develop the full package. It`s the most difficult position in all of sports.

As you wrote,beside Anthony there should not be too many changes; furthermore, as per RDS/Didier Ormejuste, S.J. Green and Andrew Woodruff will play; I presume that Michael Ola will be out,due to ankle injury.


plz god no injuries!! lets make it out if winnipeg unharmed, and than a week to chillax and watch the east semi final with a beer and there feet up!! :rockin: