Als at Argos

Popp says he is comfortable going with Barrette at LT. But as Darren Gill tweeted so is Chris Jones!

Als have brought back Kyle Graves who can play safety or slotback.

Brandon London appears good to go.

I expect Josh Bourke to start at left tackle when the Als play the Argos on September 3,2013. I also expect Anthony to be the starter. While Anthony is not on the field, he is in meetings; as Jim Popp said,he won't practice before Friday. I also expect Brandon Whitaker to be in uniform.


As per today’s CFL transactions, the Als have:

Deleted from active roster IMP RB Tyrell Sutton and added him to practice roster.
Added NIP Kyles Graves-listed as WR- to practice roster.


RDI announcing That Anthony won't practise until Friday. Not reading anything into that, but...

Ça laisse plutôt entendre que Calvillo va passer son tour encore cette semaine, mais que sa saison n'est pas terminée.

Ça pourrait lui profiter de toute façon. Ça donnera peu de film sur la nouvelle direction de l'attaque avec lui aux commandes et il pourrait en tirer avantage lorsqu'il reviendra. Les joueurs auront alors mieux assimilé les nouveaux jeux et les nouvelles protections, et ça sera aussi à son bénéfice.

That's odd of Gill to make that comment. I guess Barrette isn't from his "stable".

Man, I loved Sutton every time he touched the ball.. guess this was done as Whitaker is due to return.

And Calvillo better not play if he can only start practicing until the weekend, keeping him out of the obvious best thing for the team short term.. and well as him & the team long term.
I'm really gonna be pissed if he starts if he plays on Tue.

He touched the ball on the pass that bounced off his hands and was intercepted just before the half; so I doubt the love was unconditional. :smiley:

You`re right, unusual for him and not too cool. Probably because Pascal Baillargeon is from his stable.

Touché.. is an RB after all, but I love the way he runs with a purpose when he runs with it or actually catches it.
It's just unfair that guys like Tisdale can suck and remain in the lineup because we apparently don't have a better option, while Sutton can look pretty damn good but be buried behind a few good/great RB's.

Can he play CB? :wink:

The team is on a boat trip tonight out of the Old Port courtesy of Mr. Wetenhall. Probably why no practice tomorrow.

The way things are going this season let`s hope nobody slips on deck.

As per today's CFL transactions, the Als have:

Removed IMP WR Daniel Moore from active roster and added him to practice roster.
Removed IMP DE Ezechukwu Obiora from practice roster.


Peach was released by Hamilton. Can he help us on the DLine?

He was very good when healthy, but seemed to be injury prone. Also probably carried a high salary which he would have to reduce. But certainly worth a look, he`s only 26.

Nah, I've never been particularly impressed by him.

J'ai la même impression au sujet de Peach. Il a quelques éclairs de génie, mais n'est pas à la hauteur avec suffisamment de régularité.

From the ND website (italics mine):

Aug 27, 2013

Coach Kelly Press Conference Transcript

Notre Dame Stadium (80,795); Notre Dame, Ind.
NBC national telecast with Dan Hicks (play-by-play), Mike Mayock (analysis), Alex Flanagan (sideline), Rob Hyland (producer) and Jeff Simon (director).


Saturday is the 232nd straight sellout at Notre Dame Stadium. Since 1966, every home game for the Irish has been a sellout except one - a 1973 Thanksgiving Day game vs. Air Force. Notre Dame has played in front of sellouts in 280 of its last 281 home games.
•Notre Dame has played in front of sellout crowds in 256 of its previous 298 games (.859) overall. Notre Dame has played before 627 sellouts in 899 total games (.697) since 1930.

As many of you know, I’m a big ND fan. Stats like those above make me drool.

Next Tuesday, the Als play against the defending GC winners who are playing well this year. You would think that a city the size of Toronto (5,000,000 in the GTA) would be able to fill its stadium, but they will probably only draw about 25,000 - pathetic! How I wish football would draw crowds like we see south of the border.

Maybe we should organize busloads of fans like Rider nation.

Well, come Tuesday we'll see if "Marsh Madness" was only a flash in the pan or if he's the real deal.

The Als will have had a full week's practise before the game in preparation. I hope that both QBs (maybe even AC?) take first team reps to keep the Argos guessing.

Maybe Whitaker will be good to go. While breaking in a new QB, the running game will have to be effective. Otherwise, LBs/DHs will simply provide blanket coverage to our key receivers. ABIII will also have to have a monster game to allow SJ (maybe London?) to get open.

The D will also have to have a monster game. Collaros looked eminently beatable last game. RR, if he's good to go, must never be comfortable in the pocket, so we'll have to use a number of blitz packages to get them off balance. I hope ol' Anwar has a good game. I've always liked him and glad he's back.

Once again, I have absolutely no idea what to expect of this season except to hope that from game to game, the Als keep progressing to a point where they can start racking up a few Ws to be able to make the playoffs. Otherwise, this rebuilding year is in full progress. At this point, I expect to see some major changes in the off-season.

I don't think if he's lights out it means he's the next one and if he has a bad game he's a bust.. There is always ups and downs and a learning curve for a rookie QB in the CFL. In fact he could play better and make less mistakes but lose...

Looks like we'll get 3 starters back: Bourke,London and Whitaker :rockin:
Hebert is still a possible but not probable.