Als at Argos

short week for both teams to prepare. Glad to see Trestman, Calvillo,Richardson disgusted. Just hope the team spirit doesn't deteriorate. Toronto has something to prove to their fans too after the egg they laid up to the Riders.

Richardson needs to grow a pair. Today a rookie backup receiver had better receiving stats than he did and at a time where he was needed most. This isn't a slump it is becoming a blown season.

how bad was Green's absence? seemed like a lot of double teaming happening.

Anderson not so bad as a punt returner. as a DB we'll pass on this one.

Bowling had some shades of Cahooooon.

Meant rookie backup running back... Victor Anderson

Didn't seem to bother London...

no but he got INT on a couple of passes. The first one though was a fluke and we got the 3 points back at the end of the half. Tough break for Lavoie on that fumble. Made a few big catches in the second half.

they should be!

London has become what Richardson was the past few years. It doesn't matter who's out of the lineup if you are willing to step up and make plays. Brandon is making plays. Jamel is not, hasn't been the whole damn season. If Jamel had been any kind of threat yesterday, Calvillo might not have needed to force the ball to London and thus might not have thrown those picks.

And on the subject of AC's picks:

First one was a fluke where London appeared to lose the ball in the sunlight.
Second was just Brandon Stewart making a great play and London, by his own admission, trying to one-hand the ball instead of climbing the ladder.

AC has said before that if the read is right, he doesn't really dwell on an interception, and in both cases, it was the right read. So I'll withdraw my earlier comment about AC forcing the ball to Brandon. It was the right play both times; the first was a fluke and the second just a great play from the Winnipeg defender.

The 2nd INT late in the 4th in my eyes was overthrown. With London virtually their only receiver making plays yesterday hard to blame AC for going to him.

Just thinking out loud and wondering what anyone else may think about what to do about Richardson. Do you keep him, move him outside or heck even have him watch from the sidelines? Pretty hard to have him watch when the receiving corps is already missing Bratton and Green.
But something should be done to wake him up so he gets back the edge.

Until Green is healthy, we have no choice but to keep him inside, but when S.J. and Bratton return, I'd move Richardson out to WR, take him away from those inside matchups in traffic and let him try to beat corners one on one and regain some of his confidence, which appears to be in the toilet right now. London is playing so well that it actually helps us to move him inside to slot, get him closer to the action and let him continue to be a playmaker.

You could be right. I’ll have to watch it again. My sense from watching it yesterday was that AC threw the ball well but Stewart wanted the ball more than London did. But regardless of whether the ball was overthrown, the read was right: London was alone in man coverage and he’d been getting it done all day. I’m more concerned when a QB throws a pick on a wrong read, because that means he’s not seeing the field correctly.

With London virtually their only receiver making plays yesterday hard to blame AC for going to him.
No kidding. Richardson was invisible and Deslauriers, well, what more can be said? ;)

He dosen’t have the acceleration to do that.
Deslauriers is killing us.I’d take Boulay over Wapamo and Williams in an instant to ride ourselves of that one…

It was apparently 'overthrown' for a reason. London was supposed to be 'there'. That's why AC was so furious.

That pass was exactly where it needed to be.

can't argue with that. Richardson needs to get back to where he was last year and the Als need him to be that receiver.

what a difference a year makes with regards to whitaker and richardson. they both seemed so confident at the start of the season.


Random thoughts going into the last four games.

4 or the Als' 6 losses have been on the road; we're not a good road team. 3 of the 4 remaining games are on the road - Yikes!

Don't know what to make of Jamel this season. Is this possibly due to an injury that has not quite healed and which he doesn't want to aggravate? All those dropped passes - tsk! tsk! tsk!

D - what else can I add that hasn't already been said by everybody? While this is not likely - you have to change things up, gents, if you want to play in the post-season.

AC is definitely not as sharp as we have seen him in past years. Overthrows, now INTs...

Victor Anderson definitely has the talent we need and he can get things done with his feet and in the short passing game. Message to Victor - hang on to the @#$%^& ball!

I hope some of our walking wounded on O come off the IL sooner than later. We're not getting things done on O.

Glimmers of hope in the return game - but RDS is now reporting that Guy has a concussion. Sheesh! Dwight Anderson as a returner?

As we are heading into game 15, I still don't know what to make of the 2012 Als. After the debacle on the hill yesterday, there is absolutely nothing certain about this season. The Roughies are playing well, Toronto is very much a threat, and RR is likely to be at the helm on Sunday. The final two games against struggling teams should have been considered Ws for us, but at this point - who knows?

I haven't given up on the Als and will still root for them, but being an Als fan this season has proven to be extremely aggravating and bad for the BP. I certainly hope they can reach down, come out snorting fire, and get some Ws in the final 4 games. The Als can still do some positive things, but this season most definitely has been topsy-turvy. IMO, there will have to be some major changes in the off-season.