Als at Argos

Here are the minimal changes that I suppose the Als will make for this week's game against the Argos. To me and for many fans,the major weakness of the Als is their defensive line; I am not saying that because we lost our last 2 games; hence,I have been saying that/writing about it for the past 3 years; for at least the past 2 years, I expected that Anwar Stewart and Eric Wilson would be replaced; while many of you don't agree,I don't consider Wilson a great DT and I can't imagine that we could not find better; 3 years ago,he was not starting but rotating.

With the injury to J.P. Bekasiak, a "new" DT will have to be added; I expect that Moton Hopkins,an import DT, will be transferred from our practice roster to the active roster. Since we will be replacing a non-import by an import, an import will have to be deleted; I expect that it will be either Tim Maypray or Brandon London. I would opt for Maypray. These are the minimal changes.

While minimal changes will occur, I surely hope that more will be done; if not this week,at least in the next 2 to 3 weeks. To me,we have to add 2 "new" DT,i.e. 1 to replace Bekasiak and 1 to replace Anwar Stewart; yes,Anwar; if not him,then Kitwana Jones; we presently have too many DE and not enough DT; this is one of the reasons why he has been playing as a DT,sometime; he is not a DT and,as a DE,his best years are gone; since the beginning of the season,he has had 4 defensive tackles; during the same period,Wroten in Toronto has had 17 and Smith in Hamilton has had 15; I could go on and on.

Who should replace Anwar? I would sign Chris Bradwell,6.04,285,27 years old DT, presently on the practice roster of the Argos; he is on the practice roster because they have Huntley and Wroten on the active roster; he is much better than what we have; I would even consider him before Hopkins.We have to improve now!

With regards to special teams, I would replace Tim Maypray by Rashaud Slaughter,WR/SB/KR, and currently on our practice roster; since an import will have to be deleted, it would be either Brain Bratton or Brandon London. I don't worry about the loss of Taylor; he is gone and has to be replaced. Our 2 losses are not because of special teams; pf Taylor was here,we would still be 3-2;plays of special teams may not have helped but, our defence and stupid penalties,mainly on defense, are the main reasons for our 2 losses.

Other changes that could be made:
If Boulay returns Justin Conn will come out.
Matt landross could come in and Brian Ridgeway would come out.

Again,I am not in a panic situation but, If we want to play in the final game of the 2011 season,we will have to improve the defensive line and make difficult decisions.


Great post! I agree that the Als need to significantly upgrade the defensive line. The best secondary in the world won't be that effective, if the d-line gets no pressure on the quarterback. And yes, if the Als want to still be playing in very late November, they have to make changes sooner, rather than later. Some popular and loyal veterans, will have to give up their spots. It's unfortunate, but that's football.

Altought i'm not panicking seing its a very long season !!! no dought we must improve are ability to chase down oponent QB... Popp, Desjardin ans Ozooma are scouting NFL camps at the moment ...expect some changes as soons as NFL cuts start materializing ...
on another note will vacationing in Mexico last week i meet a DB from the redskins...a former teamate of Jerald Brown of the arena league .... he expects Jerald to be back this year ....

Well, we have had two lousy games from the Als. I don't discredit their opposition; they played well against us. But, we have a good team with all the right elements to win. What we need from everyone is execute, execute, EXECUTE!!!!!

I hope that Trestman & co. have learned from these two losses, studied the videos, and come up with some new wrinkles on both sides of the ball. It's amazing how a W can get you back into the groove. We still have some people on the limp, but this is football. A great team can find good substitutes in such cases.

So, guys, let's get our game faces on - and WIN!!!

Go Als go!!!!

I agree. I remember a time when we would get a 10 sacks a year from the interior. Phillion alone would get 6 or 7 a season. I know these guys are not easy to find but instead of going to watch Andrew Hawkins progress, I would rather they be out concentrating on dlinesmen.

And hopefully cut back on the costly "roughing" penalties giving the opposition an extra 15 yards. Take a couple of those calls way from both losses and maybe the outcome is different.

Agreed, Tony. Add to execute, execute, execute - discipline, discipline, discipline!!!!

C'mon boys, let's get 'em!!!!