Als at Argos

Last year the Als wore out Avon, won’t happen this year. Trestman does not make mistakes twice.

I agree. It seems sometimes that no matter how well the Als do, some people still have a 'glass half full' way of looking at things. :?

I think almost every other team in the league would love to have the same so-called 'problems' on offense that the Als are having. :wink:

Discipline is like my german mechanic, he's thorough LOL!

Als are all about exectution, Discipline and hard work. They control the clock better than any other team I can remember. :thup: and for the first time they have 2 QB's who can beat you 8)


I'm excited about the Als this year too, but we've been to the dance many times before without coming away with the Grey Cup. I'm not getting my hopes up prematurely.