Als at Argos

8 yards net offense in the first quarter? ROFL!!!

There are better C.I.s QB,s than the arg,s Rieves.

Close game....lmao

:lol: :lol:

Only 30 more minutes until the argos’ season is mercifully ended. How do those grown men go to sleep at night?

Being sarcastic and all but honestly could this team beat the Laval Rouge et Or…some of their players are awful.

LOL.. Duval himself has outscored the Blew team....... 18-14.. all those other points were not even needed

:lol: :lol: :lol: :P

Whoever buys the Argos needs to take Bob Wettehaul out for dinner and bring his cheque book...

i think the argos owners need to go on Dragons Den and try to sell it to the dragons. Maybe Kevin Oleary can turn it around. The Calgary guy, Bret wilson, he owns Part of an NHL team, so he knows how to run a pro franchise. and its like nashville or something... SO he is OK with not making money.

42 points starting 14 backups I dont think I have ever seen anything like that before.

Pathetic indeed.

I'm glad this was the early game. I think I watched maybe 2 minutes. :lol:

Thankfully it is over. Is it possible that the argos get relegated to CIS or Junior football?

I just can't get over how bad that team is..

I'm stunned that our backups kicked the snot out of Argos who are presumably playing for jobs next season. And that's despite our offense leaving many points on the field (all those field goals).

Rita and Mohn have to go. I'm not a big Andrus fan, but you have to give him the personnel to succeed.

...did I miss something?...a game?...

True...but congrats to Duval on setting the single season scoring record by making all those kicks. :rockin:

I wouldn't call it a game exactly...

True, but it's not a record that makes me elated, because it means our offense has left a ton of points on the field through an entire 18-game season.

I am starting to think it's a coaching / scheme issue, because no matter who's behind center, we can't seem to finish drives with any consistency.

Um... you guys lead the league in points... you averaged 33.3 points/game. Not bad.

Yes, but if you were paying attention to the point under discussion, you'd have noted that our kicker just set a single-season record for most points. When your kicker is generating that many points, your offense is stalling too frequently in the red zone.

Given the offensive scheme of the Als, it's understandable that they are going to struggle in the red zone. It' s a lot easier to disrupt a short game's passing rhythm when you don't have to worry about the deep threat. To consistently score touchdowns, the Als would require a consistent deep threat or a punishing run-game (see highlights of the Edm-B.C. game--scary!) The Als have neither of those things and as a result, settle for FG's.

If they keep doing what they're doing, they'll be the 2009 Grey Cup Champs. However, if AC and the Als choke again in the big game, they should just separate from the CFL and form a separatist league in Quebec :lol:

You're not going to get a TD on every drive. If you look at the stats, Montreal is first for most points scored, most TDs scored, most passing TDs scored, and most FGs scored. They're fourth for most rushing TDs scored.

Sure, the Als offence may stall occasionally, but I'd say they're still doing pretty damn well. In fact, in the 15 offensive categories, Montreal leads in 13 of them.