Als at Argos 8/25/2019

Ack…tragic news about Loffler

Loffler was put on the 6-game earlier this year. He probably should have elected to havesurgery. Instead, he tried to play hurt. Eventually sustaining another injury this season was predictable.

Cranston back from practice roster? Former Alouette Dondre Wright is on Winnipeg’s practice roster … couple of Nat-DBs on Lions PR and another onCalgary’s(none of the names are familiar to me)

Might the NYJs be upset enough with Teavaugn Campbell that he accidentally blew outstarting LBAvery Williamson’s knee last Thursday to cut him … and would Teavaun so quickly return to the CFL …unlikely to absolutely not … on both questions.

So it’s official.

Official now.

Was trying to point out Lalji said Loffler`s injury was to his other knee. Might need surgery on both knees now.

Apparently there was something posted on FB (I am not a social media guy) the other day that he was done.

Asking if anyone knows how a dual surgery would impact rehab … can’t imagine it is good since you unable to use either leg initially.

It’s a shame about Loffler. But, next man up.

This is a very winnable game for us. A win would put us over .500.

That is why it scares me.

Very sad to hear about Loffler. And he was a quality player too, he’ll be missed. Hopefully Lokombo is up to the job. Great to have Canadian depth on the defensive side of the ball!

To me this is the definition of a trap game. Weak opponent in disarray, road game but really a neutral game, team on a roll after the OT win in Calgary. We should win this game, but I hope we don’t take Toronto lightly. I also want to see the defense bounce back after a poor outing against Calgary. Tighten up those checks at the line, eliminate the blown coverages.

I’d bring Boseko next to Muamba and put Ackie at Safety.

LOL dude you are clearly typing from an autocorrecting phone! :DBut I get your point. Let Lokombo hit hard on the line and make Ackie the safety. They must like Ackie where he is. We’ll see. In any case, it’s good to be able to slot quality Canadians into the lineup like this!

Ackie is better than Boseko at either position … assume they feel the impact of Lokombo replacing Loffler is less than that of the impact of making two changes.

Ty Cranston is back on the Active Roster as a result of Cauchy Muamba being let go. Strange how the Als brought Cauchy in to play a single game and then promptly released him. Almost seemed like it was planned this way for whatever reason. Today’s signing of Shaq Murray-Lawrence would mean competition for Ryder Stone. Does something similar with those two?

Herb Zurkowsky says William Stanback is nowpracticing with team and could be activated for the next game.

Oof, great news about Stanback. Johnson did very well last game, but at this point in his career, he can’t be an every-down back.

If Stanback is not ready, Khari Jones mentioned that possibility of having a duo of Jeremiah Johnson and Shaq Murray-Lawrence at running back. Sounds to me like there is a chance Ryder Stone is not dressing this week.

When Vernon Adams was asked if he would like to give the spotlight to an unheralded player, he mentioned “Slug” for disrupting 2 rushers on a cover zero which then gave him time to connect with DeVier Posey on a 50-yard gain. GROG is probably happy to hear praise from the guy his comrade is thereto protect.

I’d also give credit to Adams himself for reading cover zero and throwing hot. Pipkin and Shiltz are not able to do this right now and it’s part of what separates Vernon from the rest. Takes a cool head, film work, recognition, and execution.