Als at Argos 10/20/2018

OL Tony Washington (from 6-game Injured List)
DB Gred Reid (from Practice Roster)
OL Dillon Guy (signed this week)
WR Joshua Stanford (signed this week)

LB Chris Ackie (traded)
FB Patrick Lavoie (traded)
DB Dominique Ellis (to 6-game Injured List)
OL Philip Blake (traded)

Als gave reps to Devonte McClain at LT on Thursday in case Tony Washington was unable to play on Saturday. Washington will start while McClain is placed on the Practice Roster.

From Game Notes:

-Argos have lost 7 in a row. Last time they lost that many was in 2016. Last time they lost 8 consecutive was in 2009. Marc Trestman has never had a losing streak that long in the CFL.

-Argos have led by 10+ once all season. Same as the number of times they were ahead at halftime. Both occurred against the Eskimos on July 7.

Sean Jamieson moves to LG. Na'Ty Rodgers starts at RT.

Rick Moffat posted an Instrgram of Dominique Ellis with a cast on his wrist, the reason obviously for his being 6-gamed.

Why am I not able to listen to the game on Montreal TSN 690? They have on some sort of Doctor Gallow. Is the game going to be on the radio TSN 690?

Is Montreal TSN 690 not covering the game because we are out of the playoffs?

I don’t think there is 10 000 people in the stands !
Gonna have to move that proud franchise to Halifax :slight_smile:

Try the TSN Toronto channel

Go to CJAD800

It is a sister station.

TSN690 is covering the Montreal Canadiens pregame, actual game and post game today.

And here come the Argos

Heath’s been a liability ever since we acquired him. . .

Franklin walks in

Trestman smiling

Dlaw.... listen on Toronto 1050

CJAD800. Posted above

SeaFiddle, THANK YOU. I have it on now.

8/10 =49 yards :stuck_out_tongue:

SJ… Reed’s biggest f…up.

Nice Run by Stanback… shifted two defenders and had enough Stamina to go 70 yards… That’s damn good for a north south bruiser.

He wants to run…sooo sooo bad.

Reminds me a lot of Jarrett Payton