I know I know ten days away. I'm tired of winnipeg. If we can win our next 2 home games and the peg can lose their next 2 road games in hammy and eskitown then we got a shot at clinching first place in winnipeg oct.22 and give us the rest we need and not have to beat calgary and bc down the stretch. glad we have a long week to recover.

Yes I bought another ticket in winnipeg to help the als. whatever it takes. :wink:

mcgill-bishop's was a good one tonight. when i got in my car to drive home it was 32-19 with 2:28 left. i should be out of ICU ohhh.....whenever. :roll:

I will be NYC, only be back monday at 9pm, wich means there is a great chance i will miss AC break Allen's record. I wonder just wonder if there is any bar in NYC that would be showing the Alouettes game? Habs are playing next sunday in Winnipeg im also wondering if I can find a bar showing the Habs game! Being a fan and season ticket holder these last couple of years im fricking pissed off im gonna miss the big record breaking game!!!!

Probably not a bar but if you have a tablet or laptop you can stream the game from one of the pirate sites.

you probably can have your ticket framed like the first argos game when AC broke the TD record. You bought it then you were there. NYC is my birth city and you can find anything you need if you look hard enough. :wink:

Oh and I totally forgot to mention the streaker at the mcgill game tonight. he had a good run on the field, hope that brings us luck for the next 2 games :roll:

Me thinks that Sandro will finally get his time to shine next week vs the Argo's

Well, even though the Argos are playing for pride since it is unlikely they will make it into post-season play, they are de facto "spoilers" and cannot be taken lightly. They can ruin any chances for pretentious teams who think all they have to do is don their uniforms against them.

The Als will have to learn from their mistakes. AC took another vicious hit against the Bombers, so this might be a good game for AC to start. Hopefully, we can rack up some points in the 1st half, and then let Adrian play in the 2nd with the full playbook available to him. No matter what, we must keep the pedal to the metal for 60 minutes! Unless, of course, the score is ridiculous in the 4th quarter, in which case we let 2nd stringers play.

Does anyone know the playing status of Whitaker and Whyte?

Don't know, but Whitaker didn't look good at all at the end of last game. I was shocked to see the coaches sending him in when he was clearly injured. That's what Diedrick is supposed to be there for. Heck, I'd have been fine with Kerry Carter getting the rock. But our multipurpose elite running back? Get him off the field if he's injured. Mind-boggling that Trestman and Milanovich let that happen. I just hope Brandon didn't suffer any further injuries from those subsequent plays.

Looked like a bruised patula to me... real sucking injury if that's what it is... every time he's gonna take a hit till the end of the season it's gonnar ring like an SOB.

I guess the Alouettes were in "must win" mode
At least half of the sportcasters I'd heard comment prior to the game thought AC shouldn't even have played against Winnipeg
And a poll I saw somewhere had about 70% of responders saying AC should sit out
I'm still wondering how bad AC's knock was...sternum again was it?

So I guess it's not surprising that short of something life-threatening
The walking/running wounded were going to play

The Als got their share of 1st place
Onwards and upwards

I remember the last time the weezy argos were in town.

‘Come back anytime TO.Bring your friends’. :x

My second game in Montreal and 10 years since the 2001 Grey Cup when my uncle and i drove 46 hours to watch the Stampeders win. Lesson learned and flying this time around.

This weekend should be a great time.

Hopefully Jeff continues to get the 2-1 series split at safety and Brouliette continues to play some reps at LB.

Still waiting for updates on

Calvillo" Bruised sternum
Whitaker: Bruised knee
Whyte: Leg ?

Toronto won't be a picnic, most teams have been leaving body parts on the field against them this year....

Calvillo appears to be good to go.

Good on A.C. and the other team members for their hospital rounds.

The other good news is that at last report John Bowman did not rough up any intern! :smiley:

still 1,800 tix available with 6 days to go. I do hope we'll at least have 24K for this historic event.

According to Whyte`s last tweet on Fri. his knee appears to be pretty banged up.

After his streak ended Whyte has been very unpredictable - the Duval syndrome all over again.

Time to see what Sandro can do.

If Whyte is not 100% OK, I believe Sandro's time has come. I do hope we can sign the number 1 pick in the latest draft for2012.

Actually Brody Mcknight has been struggling this year for the Grizzlies. He’s 1 for 4 in 2 games and he got an ilegal kickoff in the last game.

We sure have a lot of struggling players- any new news of Whyte?

Just bought my playoff tickets. Hope it'll be november 20th. Good idea for the als to start selling now.