What, no thread for the vaunted Tuesday night Labor day game pitting les Alouettes contre les Argos?

Here are the highlights for those who missed the game or for those who fell asleep during this mostly snoozefest-

Tanner Marsh looked terrible early on but got better as the game went on to pass over 300 yrds and get the win. Collaros started off OK then unraveled as the game went on.

Speaking of Marsh, he managed to bring out the severe I'm pissed frowny face outta Doug Berry that we used to see all the time in Winnipeg. He sent him to sit on the bench for a minute after throwing a pick, which I'm guessing is the on field equivalent of a timeout in the corner.

The game was boring. On student night where they apparently had extra attendance from university students, the atmosphere was sorely lacking. Some of that was thanks to the effort by the argos on the field. Made even worse by the play calling and commentary by Rod Black and Duane Forde.

Toronto run game - Steele - 6 carries for 8 yards. Quinn Porter - nada. Top two rushers for the Argos were Collaros running for his life and Chad Owens getting 2 carries.

Whitaker hurt again, Messam looked like the Messam of old in relief.

Huge game for SJ Green with just under 150 yards, though the highlight as being caught from behind on a run after catch and having the ball punched out for a fumble.

Play of the game was a fumble by collaros after being hit from behind on a pass attempt, recovered by emery and taken to the house. The game was close up until that point, Argos never managed to do anything after that play.

Get ready for Rod Blacks new mancrush - Duron Carter. If you drank a shot after every time he mentioned Duron Carter and his dad Chris Carter in the same sentence, you probably would've polished off a litre. Expect to hear it over and over and over and over and over..... They mentioned that apparently Chris Carter was in the house to watch his son play but never got a camera shot of him, production fail IMO. Carter made a couple of nice plays, not sure how you don't get at least one shot of dad clapping for his son. Either that or Black completely fabricated the story of Chris Carter being in the building.

Yeah, I liked Carter's performance, but cringed at Black predictably trotting out the "son of former NFL great" line just like he did with a certain ex-Als running back a few years ago...

Rod seemed even worse that usual last night, if that's possible. I've started muting the highlights, knowing what I'd hear on the Emery touchdown. Yikes!

Boring, terrible game. I was surprised to see that Marsh had 300 yards passing? the receivers probably made Marsh look better than he was. Both QBs need some more time as backups before starting, promising but far from ready.

Hardly a Labor Day Classic it was pathetic - hopefully next year we will have a classic triple header Monday, with the Argos in Hamilton, Montreal in Ottawa, Edmonton at Calgary.

Totally disagree with both you; I found the game riveting, couldn't take my eyes away from it.

I love great defence. I personally find it far more interesting to watch than some highpowered offensive game.

Last night I saw 1 good defence and 1 great defence. So I really enjoyed it.

Now I know I'm in the minority on this preference to watch a good defence as opposed to a good offence, but I don't understand why so many always seem to be of the opinion that a defensive struggle is "boring."

I don't mind great defense madjack. I thought the pace of the game was quite slow and the environment was dead both at the skydome and in the booth. Rod Black and Forde, particularly in the 2nd half, sounded most of the time like they took Ambien.

Well I sure won't argue about the environment or having to listen to Black and Forde. But the game was I thought terrific. It is really something in the CFL for a defence to hold an opponent to one single point over three quarters. Noel Thorpe called a terrific game on D last night, and I thought it was a treat to watch (Jones' defence was pretty good too, but not as good). So I can't agree with your description of the game as boring. We'll have to agree to disagree.

Fell asleep. Worst game of the year so far.

They're petty clearly in the majority. The saying is "defense wins championships, offense sells tickets" for a reason. Most people don't find it interesting to watch stuff like balls being thrown away due to tight coverage.

I disagree with you. The only thing I found riveting was my lower eyelid to my upper eyelid. I saw 2 young QB's still learning their trade, when passes were on target experienced receivers dropping easy catches and some of the sloppiest tackling of the year (when they bothered to try).

Love a good defensive struggle, but what I saw was 2 defenses that were just struggling. Cured my insomnia though. :wink:

Two defenses struggling, LOL. Right. We held Toronto to 1 point in three quarters of football but we were struggling. :lol: Ask most players on other teams whether they want to face our D, they don't. We play smashmouth defense, we get after the QB, and we punish ball-carriers and receivers especially via our linebackers. Owens wanted no part of us as the game wore on and neither did the rest of Toronto's receivers...

Much good D on the fumbles the Big Als created too! However I'm in the minority that Toronto wins Sept.8th in Montreal

Exactly. The fumbles were turning-points in the game. That said, I don't think Montreal is a lock to win the rematch AT ALL. The Argos aren't going to be held to 9 points again; I have too much respect for ex-Als coach Milanovich to think that he won't scheme up ways to counter what we're doing on defense. But after grinding out a win in Toronto, we definitely have a shot at winning at Molson Stadium...

The 9 point game had as much to do with the inability of the over rated Toronto offense being unable to mask it's ineptitude without Ricky Ray at the helm as it did Montreals defense. Only 2 teams have given up more points than the Als this year while the Argos are last in yards per play, total yards allowed and passing yards allowed. Two very scary defenses for all the wrong reasons.

Now I know you're having me on. You can have little Scotty back any time. A HC he is not. His defense, the teams savior last year, has been falling apart all year, his special teams are anything but special this year and the offense is quite obviously the result of one Ricky Ray as it is a mess without him to save Millanovich from himself. If not for Winnipeg this team wouldn't make the playoffs this year and I guarantee they won't win a playoff game.

I think there's clearly two groups of people that watched the game. Some people saw a great defensive match. And others like dcmoses, saw young QBs struggling with execution. I tend to agree that the first half was a good defensive battle. And I don't want to take a lot away from the MTL D who did have a good game, but Collaros was not great at all after the half. I think he unraveled after coughing up that fumble that extended the Als the lead late in the 2nd Q for what was, up till then, an close game. And you have to wonder about the Argo playcalling which did nothing to help a young QB get back on track after struggling. Collaros was pressing and not having much success and the Argos completely abandoned the run game allowing the Als to T off with their pass rush and blitz calls. It really made things much easier for the Als D to dominate. Frankly I was surprised that MTL only put up 3 points in the 2nd half. They got some catches for big gains, Messam grounded out some nice gains, it really felt like MTL controlled the 2nd half more than scoreboard showed at the end of the night.

They lost a ton of players on defense, and Chris Jones is the DC. Why are the defensive struggles Milanovich's fault? As for offense, you build around your starter, obviously. If Burris or Lulay were to get injured, I doubt Hamilton or BC would fare much better. Apart from Calgary, no team has the QB depth to keep rolling without their starter.

Your hatred for Milanovich baffles me. Guy brought you a Grey Cup in his first year as a HC and you are just looking for any excuse to trash him.

On the Als' defense, points given up is misleading, because they've had to be on the field for far too long thanks to an inept offense for most of the season. We're near the top of the league in sacks, we're no. 2 against the run, and the pass D is getting better every game. I repeat: teams don't want to face our D, especially not our linebackers. I'm not saying we're the best in the league on paper, but our play in the past few weeks is reflective of where the unit is going...

I don't think it was Toronto abandoning the run so much as Montreal forcing them to be one-dimensional. Nobody runs on us. Even the vaunted Kory Sheets didn't break 100 yards on us. Thorpe's system loads up the box, takes away the run, and dares you to beat him in the air. A veteran QB like Ricky Ray can still be very dangerous even if the ground game isn't working. A youngster like Collaros, not so much.

The numbers are you D are very respectable which is why it should be all the more concerning to Popp that he leads the league in points allowed. Like it or not all those stats you mention are meaningless if your D consistently gives up more points than the O is scoring and if your O is struggling being worst in points allowed (no matter how low you keep the yards allowed) is a recipe for disaster.