Well, we will probably have some discussion about this one, so I thought I would start this string.

I don't know if anyone can pick up the game on "Alien TV" as I can't see that any network, or even local TV, will broadcast the game, so I guess we will have to rely on Rick Moffat and commentary after the game. Will any of us be going to the game at noon? If so, your comments would be really appreciated.

Nothwithstanding the fact that it is still pre-season - go Als go!

The problem with Rick Moffat is he starts babbling and gets away from the basic information.

Just tell me who the friggin ball carrier/receiver is, how many yards were gained and who made the tackle. Its radio Rick, we cant see!

You are so right; we don't have the choice,since it is not on TV or other radio station,but,most of the time,we don't know where the ball is,who tackled,how many yards gained and on and on. Rick and Ed talk about everything except the game.

Good game/listening to all of you,nevertheless.


Hit the nail on the head. Moffatt is useless as a play-by-play radio man, because he doesn't understand that the basic responsibility of a radio commentator is to call the damn game with precision, efficiency, and clarity of language. We don't have the accompanying visuals, and this isn't baseball, where all the commentators have to do is churn out prefab stats ("You know, Don, it's interesting that Vasquez has a lifetime batting average of .275 when facing left-handed overweight closers with two outs and a full count!"). As listeners, we need to know what is happening in the game. I tried listening to preseason games that Moffatt was calling a few years ago and gave up. It's brutal.

It`s probably on TSN 1050, the Argos station. Might give that a try.

What bothers me the most is that TSN2 had nothing of note to broadcast at noon today. I'd be willing to bet that there will be video of the highlights in this evening's news, as was the case for the first pre-season game. It begs the question - who manned the cameras, and on whose behalf? And why couldn't the game be televised locally, i.e. to TO and Montreal?

Well, we can forget TSN 1050 - they're not broadcasting the game. They're talking about (what else?) the NHL draft. So Rick Moffat it is!

Well, it looks like AC is none the worse for wear so far. C’mon AD, show us what you have!

Atta boy, AD!

Looks like Adrian is doing fine, despite his receivers negating completions by going offside. Way to go, Adrian!

Looks like Eric has picked up his game, as well. If he can keep up his game, he will be another threat on O.

Yep, nice to see Eric hauling in long bombs from Adrian. On the minus side, we had a punt blocked and returned for a TD. OY. This had better not be representative of ST when the season starts. I'm about out of patience with Bischoff as it is.

On the defensive side of the ball, Davis registered a sack, Murrell has two tackles, and both Hunt (?!) and Parker have interceptions. Defense has only allowed 3 points so far. :thup:

Well, we're almost into "garbage time" now with 2nd- and 3rd-stringers playing against other 2nd- and 3rd-stringers. Hard to get a good read on newcomers that way. Still, we ought to see who on the Als really wants to make the team.

Real garbage time now, especially on defense, where I don't recognize most of the players making tackles. Neiswander looks as bad this week as he looked good last week.

C.J. Washington with the best return stats -- 3/56 with the longest at 23 yards. Whyte with an encouraging punting average so far (44.2 yards).

It's the fourth quarter and Bo Bowling is still in the game. Have a feeling he'll be cut.

I would have like to see Bowling inserted earlier in both games. Last season, he showed a few Cahoonesque moves. I would have like to see how well he fared against 1st-stringers. That's really what we want to know, isn't it? It's always hard to assess a player when he's playing against 2nd- and 3rd-stringers who haven't had the time to properly learn the playbook and execute.

Devine is having a brutal afternoon, he might be playing his way off the team.

It's impossible to tell in preseason. My impression is that you show the coaches what you can do in training camp and the preseason games are where you demonstrate your ability to execute your assignment. But evaluation must be very difficult with so many personnel changes and only two games' worth of film to go on. I'm glad I'm not Trestman. :slight_smile:

Well, Trestman & co. will have difficult decisions to make, as will all CFL teams. The good news from this game is that the first team appears to be ready for the season.

I still think that 2 pre-season games are simply not enough to get a good read on your newcomers. It also appears at this point that the D players brought in show great promise. However, Reinbold will have to be flexible and have a few tricks up his sleeve. Other DCs will have video to study and will adjust their O schemes accordingly. So, 3-4, 4-3...and many other looks will have to be used as the season progresses. On the strength of the 1st quarter, things seem OK. But, you still can't draw definitive conclusions from a single quarter of football. I'm especially happy for AD.

So, I heard what I needed to hear from this game. Hope we fill in the blanks and prepare for another run at the GC.

Go Als go!

Neat guys, I'm enjoying your comments