Als @ Argos

Starting soon, if golf ever ends.

Seriously, WTF? This thing has run over every day so far.

Thought I saw a flash below the screen that the game will be shown.

my tv is telling me that golf will be switched to tsn2 any time now.........maybe....

I saw it, too. PGA is being bumped to TSN2, according to the ticker.

apparently, someones clock is slow

So... how many TDs do the Argos lose by?

Wow... With Copeland down, the offence really is just Boyd. :?

That injury doesn't look good. Hope he's O.K.

that may depend on the finger :wink:

Serious injury to Copeland, I think.

I thought he was in the endzone.

Me too. I can't see this not being a touchdown.

I thought T.D. also. ball broke the plain.

It's way early but if the Argos keep playing like they have lately they'll have a chance at winning this game!

I never noticed before but that closeup of the back of Trestman's hat revealed that he has a very large noggin :lol:

Fumble, Argo ball.

WTH was that, AC??? :o

Edmonton has to start doing plays like that.

Edmonton has to start doing plays, period.

Toronto is surprising the hell out of me so far. I was expecting a Montreal cakewalk.

No, Edmonton's receivers need to hold on to the frickin ball! :lol:

How is it 14-0 Argos? I must be dreaming! :lol: On the subject of the Argos, I like the jerseys and the helmet, but I'm not so sure about the white pants...