Als-Argos GAMEDAY - Sept.8, 2013

Great start by the D.

Overeager penalty by Sutton trying to earn another game cheque. If he had just pulled the hands back he might have gotten away with it even if he made contact.

Why run east-west with a north-south runner?

Better to run the SB cross-over or even fake the sweep and bootleg Marsh.

D coming up big yet again. Marsh and the O have got to start pitching here.

Second 3rd and out in a row. DesLauriers ...

Mike Edem for rookie of the year.

Just like last week, two good defences battling.

Als need the O to help out the D. Take away the 7 pts from the D and this is a hockey score.

Offense does need help. Starting the second half, I'd give the first series to Smith or Neiswander, let Marsh observe from the sidelines. . .

Marsh certainly not playing like he had in the previous two games. Mind you he has not help from two receivers London and Deslauriers who should have had their passes.

Well, I suppose 9 points offensively in a half is an improvement from last game, but man alive, the O isn't inspiring confidence, and it's not on Marsh. Playcalling has been mediocre, and our receivers are not helping Marsh out. Where Toronto's receivers are laying out for balls, making contested catches, and fighting for first-down yardage, we have three receivers (Green, Deslauriers, London) dropping catchable balls that would have been good gains or resulted in a first down. That field goal only came via a PI call. Outside of the first field goal drive, we've done nothing consistently on offense.

Campbell is impressing me less and less. Our receivers don't look focused. And I don't like the fact that we didn't even take a shot at the end zone on the last play before half.

Kudos, as is becoming usual, to the D for stepping up. And while I'm not the biggest Tisdale fan by a long shot, he's had himself a great game so far. One fumble returned for a TD, one crucial RZ interception, and tight pass coverage...


The poor receiver play has had an impact on Marsh. He's just looked less confident and focused as the game has worn on. I'd really like to see Carrier used in the jet formation to attack Toronto's perimeter. Messam has nowhere to run inside right now and Marsh isn't reading the D well enough to make them pay on zone reads and such. In fact, he missed a wide-open Als receiver earlier in the game when he handed the ball off instead of pulling it down and finding the open man.

Marsh - INT. Has had happy feet on many plays and looks like he is unsure of what to do. I agree it's not all on him as mentioned in previous post, London and Deslauriers (again) have dropped passes that had no business hitting the turf and ended drives.

D has carried them yet again in this one so far.

Our receivers coach.

Ah okay. . .sorry for being obtuse

To give credit where it's due, kudos to Chris Jones; his D today is much more effective against Messam than they were on Tuesday. We'll see if that holds up or if they get tired. . .

First half stats :

Marsh 6 for 13 1 INT

Messam 7 touches for 22 yards

Green 2 passes for 15 yds.

London and DesLauriers, an easy dropped pass each ending a drive.

Carter dropped an easy one as well . . . you know, that Carter that has a father who. . . yeccch

works in broadcasting south of the border ?! :wink:

M Carter is in for Byron Parker. . . don't know if Parker is hurt or benched. . . nice of Ford and Black to let us know. . . :frowning:

Let this one get away. D was on the field almost the entire game. Play calling was dreadful.

Abandoned the run, Bruce had what 2 passes the entire game. Marsh 3 INT's, happy feet and seemed unsure.

Guess the positive, they managed to split the two games with the Argos. D continues to carry the team.