Al's Argo's game

To all the regular Als posters you will note I have taken an anonyous new game. I used to go by the name hass...

Also notice that Avon has the most reception yards of any running back in the league, so there are touches there too.

No doubt. But nothing replaces production from the RB spot specifically, because only if the other team fears your ground game do you take a little heat off the pass rush. If defenses know that the guy lining up beside the QB is mostly a blocking back, they'll have no fear about pinning their ears back and coming after Calvillo.

We have to start making defenses pay for aggressive pass rush.

I agree, I think running the football is the only opportunity his offensive teammates have to go hit their agressors back and it would alleviate the problems. Anthony is smart, I think he will do what's right. You can't expect him to come out and say we are going to run the ball 22 times this week. He's not going to help defensive coordinators plan against him. Maybe he's sucking them in and he'll start running the ball at some point.

Anthony is smart, I think he will do what's right.
He'd better be, or he's going to spend tomorrow night on his butt.

Our offensive line, in particular Brodeur-Jourdain and Perrett, better darn well put in better performances on Thursday than they did last time out. . .

I hope so. And it's not just Anthony. Trestman and Milanovich have to call more running plays. Zone read or not, when I see us going 100% pass in the opening series of a game, with no play action off the draw, I get angry. We scored opening-series points last season by mixing the run and the pass, not by being one-dimensional.

Does Trestmen still don't know that you can't use a 3rd flag when one of the first 2 was not successful ? It's not the first time he makes that mistake. :roll:

I know but its not ok for Santiago to make a mistake in his first game in 5 years. Even in a blowout, Trestman didn’t give him an opportunity to make things rights. Not impressed with that.

Well, penalties aside, that was a dominating offensive performance. For the first time this season, Calvillo & co. looked like a veteran unit slicing and dicing a stout Toronto defense. I have to say, I wasn't expecting us to pile up the points on Toronto's D like that. Hats off to everyone, including Trestman and Milanovich for incorporating the run into the game plan, Calvillo for giving Avon his touches, and Avon ... boy. A double double: 100+ yards receiving, 100+ yards rushing, two TDs. I'll be surprised if he doesn't win offensive player of the week award.

Defense still plays like Swiss cheese on second and long -- how many times did we let Toronto convert on second and 10, 15, and even 20? -- but they made plays when they had to (Wilson's fumble recovery was a comedy highlight) and more importantly, they held the league's top running back to 7 carries and 41 yards.

I hope Bratton's okay. Looks like a concussion, unfortunately. He's been arguably our most consistent receiver this season and it's a shame to see him injured away from the play.

Also great to see Jamel finally explode for two TDs and make up for his drop earlier in the game.

Cahoon ... I have never, ever, EVER seen him drop a pass right in the numbers like he did tonight, then fumble a reception without even being contacted (mercifully he recovered his own fumble). What happened to the real Ben Cahoon? Craziness.

The more I see of SJ Green in the lineup the more I want to see him. He had yet another beautiful catch this game. It is still early in his career to compare stats but in terms of how he plays the game and the types of catches he can pull off seemingly at will he reminds me somewhat of Jason Tucker. It just always feels like something special is going to happen whenever the ball is thrown his way

Ouch, OJ Santiago! Has he played his 1st and last game with the Alouettes? Kind of reminds me of Jason Armstead, hello, goodbye!!

I think Richardson said it best after the game when he said that a full week of practice makes a huge difference. Boy did it show last night! A great game by all the Als last night.

Cavillo goes 30 for 36 (with at least 3 drops by the receivers :lol: ), nearly 400 yards, and 2 touchdowns
Cobourne gains over 100 yards rushing and receiving along with 2 touchdowns

And how about that defense? This week, all I heard was Boyd this and Boyd that but the Als held him to 53 yrds (albeit on only 9 carries). As for Lemon, only 8 for 17 (143 yrds total) but I believe this guy may become something special once he gains some experience. He reminds me a lot of Durant.

Oh, and Ben Cahoon for becoming the all-time # 3 receiver in the CFL :thup:

I know its not ok for Santiago to make a mistake in his first game in 5 years. Even in a blowout, Trestman didn't give him an opportunity to make things rights. Not impressed with that.
If Trestman wants to bench someone for boneheaded penalties, he certainly doesn't need to pick on OJ Santiago. He could probably bench the entire secondary by now. Did I see right? Santiago is 6'7" 270lbs. It would be great to see a true tight end back on the Als squad. Another potent weapon in their arsenal. It wouldn't hurt the running game either to have a brute like Santiago blocking for Cobourne and Carter.

I hope Bratton is OK too.
I just checked the Roster. Was Andrew Hawkins released? I never saw any mention of it, anywhere. Been waiting to see THAT star shine again. If so it's a real shame.

Illegal contact and PI penalties aren't always preventable the way unsportsmanlike penalties are. With the talent we have at receiver, Santiago needs to get his head in the game if he wants to see the field this season.

Trestman didn't turn his headset over to Milanovich after throwing his 3rd flag. This rule has been in effect FOUR years and was totally driven by emotions and poor self-control.

When Avon fumbled they gave him the ball on the next play. When Cahoon and Richardson dropped balls they went back to them so a guy who is in his first game in years and is probably very nervous can make a mistake. I think he should have been given the opportunity to redeem himself especially once the team had a 20 plus point lead.

But it is Trestman's show and I haven't seen the practices Santiago has put in.

LOL, you serious man? Who the eff is O.J. Santiago? What has he proven in this league, on this team? Absolutely nothing. Trestman, Cobourne, Cahoon, Richardson -- all veterans, Grey Cup winners, two of them Grey Cup MVPs (Ben and Avon). Cahoon is a guaranteed Hall of Famer when he retires. With people like that, you give them the benefit of the doubt because they've earned it. Santiago is a nobody. On his first play, he took a dumb unsportsmanlike penalty that turned a second and short into a second and long for no particular reason. Not the way to impress your bosses if you're fighting for a job and the team is already stacked at receiver. Santiago is 36 years old, not some young kid, and should know better.

But it is Trestman's show and I haven't seen the practices Santiago has put in.
I trust Trestman in this matter. Yes, he effed up by throwing the third flag, but I'm sure if you asked him, he'd admit his mistake. He's never been shy about admitting his continual struggle to master coaching the Canadian game. And when you consider the near-perfection of the game plan he and Milanovich engineered for last night's game, I'll forgive him for the mistake.

Everyone can make a mistake including Trestman, I don’t have a problem with that. I think there was an opportunity to help Santiago build and for whatever reason he chose not to. For me it is the only blemish on a great night of football. Like I said there is possibly reasons, at least I hope there are and that there isn’t two sets of rules…that is somewhere where I disagree with you. Same standards apply to all.

Are you absolutely sure Santiago wasn't on the field late in the fourth quarter? If so, I'm a bit surprised, especially with Bratton out with what sure looked like a concussion.

at least I hope there are and that there isn't two sets of rules...that is somewhere where I disagree with you. Same standards apply to all.
In principle, sure, but come on, man, you weren't born yesterday. ;) :P You know how things work in sports. If you only have one chance to show what you can do, you had better make the most of it, because there are always a dozen guys ready to take your job if you stumble. With our talent at receiver, it is already difficult to give everyone their touches, so if Santiago wants to be on the field more, he has to shine when he gets the chance. That's part of breaking on to a new team.