Al's Argo's game

Were going to have to watch out for Boyd, this guy is a beast. Our line is going to have to be better or else Belli and friends are going to make Calvillo eat grass. I hate the Argo's but u have to give them credit for there line. If AC has the time he should have no trouble picking apart the Argo's def. Also I hope our line is able to get pressure on Lemon, he tends to throw alot of picks when the pressure is on. Id like to see him sacked a few times also!

Anyone actually sold on the Argos just yet ?

Their Defense is for real. and Special teams are passionate. Lemon can't control a game at this point but they don't quit and they have a number of guys who can make a play. They will be close to 500 at season's end.


Funny how the new Argos are shaping up to be the same as the old Argos at their peak: carried by defense and special teams with an offense that does just enough to win.

Look who their coach are ...That's why it is important to preserve lineage. I'm not surprised really. I had picked them to win seven games.

I have to admit I’m surprised. I had them going 6-12 at best. With no proven CFL quarterbacks, no known receivers outside of Copeland, a new starting tailback, and a HC/OC who hadn’t been on the sidelines in nearly seven years, it seemed like a recipe for disaster. I underestimated Barker, and the team as a whole.

Well, defenses always seem to be ahead of the offenses early in the season.

I'm just not seeing anything to get real excited about, in fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see them go winless the rest of the way.

lol. That's exactly what I was thinking as as I saw Parker rob us blind and run it in for the winning TD with a couple of minutes to go. At that point I poured out the rest of the lemonade down the sink and instructed my wife to buy nothing that had the word "lemon" in again.....ever again!

Anthony Calvillo and company will take it to Toronto. The Lions lost their game last week because of untimely fumbles near the goal line, dropped passes at the 4 yard line and other stupid mistakes. The Argos got away with one. They were lucky. Sure they won the game but the Lions had them. They were out playing Lemon et al so much that the Lions could have gummed the Argos into submission instead of chewing them into submission. The Als will quell the Argos swagger and the Argos will be scrambling for their life jackets.

I would usually be cheering for the underdogs but next week I really want to see the Argos humbled.

Our offense hasn't exactly been scaring anyone lately. In fact, it's looked pretty anemic outside of the first half of the season opener against Saskatchewan. Hopefully we can rectify the situation against Toronto, but I'm not sanguine. Trestman and Milanovich don't seem to want to give Cobourne more touches on the ground, even in situations when doing so would help us move the ball, score points, and keep Calvillo clean.

That being said, I pick Montreal to win Thursday's game, only because if it comes down to a defensive slugfest, I think Calvillo & co. can make more plays when needed than Lemon and a largely unproven Toronto receiving corps. Ball security is also a factor. I just can't see us fumbling and throwing INTs as frequently as the Lions did. Through four games, Calvillo only has two INTs, neither of which resulted from bad decisions by Calvillo -- the first bounced off Richardson's hands, and the second was a last-second bomb down the field at the end of the first half when Calvillo was basically just chucking the ball deep and hoping for a PI call.

Controlling Toronto on second down by beating the blitz is going to be crucial. With our O-line problems and lack of running game, teams have figured out that the way to stop our offense is to blitz on second down.

And for the love of God, it’s Als-Argos, not Al’s Argo’s. The apostrophe indicates a possessive, not a plural (except when referring to objects, when its indicates a possessive and it’s is a contraction of “it is”). The game does not belong to an Alouette or an Argo; it is simply a game in which two groups of people – the Alouettes and the Argonauts – are playing.

Sorry for the rant. :wink:

As one who frequently rants about "then" vs. "than" and "core" vs. "corps", allow me to say that you are entitled to your rant.

And don't get me started on "less" vs. "fewer". . .

How does one kick 7 field goals and is probably the only reason y we won, doesnt get special teams player of the week. Yet some guy brings back a kick for a td in a blowout win get it? Ah the love for Montreal! Keep it up Damon, hope it continues thursday.

You raise a very valid point. My only quibble would be that Duval wasn't the reason we won, I'd say the performance of our defence was the prime reason we won.

Personally, I hope Damon doesn't 'keep it up' on Thursday; I'd rather see us get a few TDs as opposed to more FGs.

U are right about the def my bad. And as for Duval I just hope hes there when we need him, and yes I also want to see alot of td's!

....I'm a little surprised at the Argos success thus far in 2010...Their strong point was definitely the defensive side of the ball last year...Barker inherited a good portion of that and re-acquired Byron Parker which solidified the unit...Someone said that the offence is 'all smoke and mirrors'....I tend to agree...Other than Boyd and seasoned Copeland, I don't see a great deal of talent...Their O line is playing above last years effort and it's giving Lemon time to be moderately successful...We'll see if this holds up ...The Als will be the acid test :wink:

Good points papa. . . the Als are giving up the most yards passing so far, but the Argos’ air attack hasn’t been terribly effective at all so far. On the other hand, the Als have the top defence against the run, and the Argos have the league’s top rusher so far, so something’s gotta give somewhere. . .

What are you talking about. Mr. Bowman had 3 Sacks and 3 Forced fumble. :rockin:

I wouldn't count the (shudder) Argos out too glibly.
They have a solid defense.
If anyone watched the post-game dressing room RARAs, Barker has the Hogtown boys swilling the koolaid.
They're suddenly tied for 1st, and dreaming of an upset.

If the Als don't wake up and realize that NO team can win long-term without a balanced offense...we may be in for a bit of a shock. Just ask the RoughRiders after Calgary trounced them last week.

Still...Lemon hasn't been much of a threat through the air. And McElveen seems to have come a LONG way in just 4 games. Our run defence seems pretty solid.

I'm betting the Als will win on turnovers yet again. Hopefully Calvillo will manage to convert one or two and let Duval collect some bench-splinters for a change.

If I am not mistaen, Copeland has been held to 179 yards in the 4 games... no Argo receiver in the top 20.

Although I am an avid Als fan, I would like to have Toronto win this game. This franchise is struggling and a few more wins might do wonders. The Als will win the east even with another loss.