Al's Argo's game #2

Getting smoke by the Argo's = sad. I have no time to write a novel about this game. All I have to say is I thought it was a Riders thing to pick our def apart, but now its a serious issue. And seeing AC on the ground that many times is only a matter of time before his season will be over. Giving up almost 38 points to the Argo's with there so called crap qb is a disgrace. I dunno if we have to look elsewhere in a trade or something but this team need tweeking quick.

Oh and 1 more thing Duval. U think the lonely kicker can just play his game and kick some good balls. NO, he has to join in the party of our team playing like crap. Just go away already.

Yep...even me, who is perpetually optimistic about the Als had difficulty watching tonight's game. Congrats to the Argos and especially Chad Owens on playing one hell of a game.

At least it looks like we have a race in the East this year. :wink:

Can someone tell me what happened to Maypray? I missed it.

Meh. Argos got lucky. Honestly.

Those two TDs in the first quarter could easily have been 0 points or field goals. Toronto's first pick came off a bounce from Bratton, who should have caught the ball. We still piled up the yardage and the points. We just shot ourselves in the foot with unnecessary turnovers and giving up the big play.

Perrett is starting to worry me, though. He is getting regularly owned by defensive ends one on one off the edge.

Losing on the road to a motivated hard working team is no disgrace guys. This is the season of the Argo bounce. Was glade to see Woodruff breaking in the oline. Very happy to see that. Our coach didn't give up trying to run the ball.

Mike O'Shea what an amazing job he's doing coaching special teams in Toronto. His whole squad is playing like he did :thup:

Suks to see the Als lose but glad it was to the Argooooooss!

The Argos played well and deserved the victory. Cory Boyd, Willie Pile, Cleo Lemon, Chad Owens, Middlebrooks et al played with vigor and desire tonight. It was great that Andre Durie and Jeff Johnston made key plays in there win. I believe these guys deserve more recognition- they certainlly made some key plays in the game. Durie, against all odds, has become a significant Argo.

David Duval missed an easy field goal and, was shown up by Grant Shaw the rookie from U of Sask. I would hope that our scouts are looking at the CIS for help in the kicking department. Calvillo statistically had a good game but looked tired especially when his perfect pass was dropped by Richardson in the end zone. The Als must be looking forward to their upcoming weeks break- they are a weary dispirited group at this point.

At key moments, the team's focus doesn't appear to be there. However, I feel this is pretty normal in the season following a Grey Cup win, which is why it's so hard for teams to repeat in this day and age. Who wins the 2010 Grey Cup is anyone's guess, but right now, our Als appear content to play in fits and starts instead of the 57+3 philosophy that served them so well last year.

Argos certainly played with far more intensity. . . and kudos to Jim Barker for coming up with a creative game plan.

We weren't bad, exactly. . . AC threw for 450 yards and 3 TDs against 1 INT, and anytime that happens you should win more than your fair share of games.

Perrett and Dix had difficult games.

But on the bright side, Cahoon was terrific, easily his best game of the season so far.

With their inconsistent play this season, this was bound to happen to the Als. I give full credit for the win to the Argos. This was no fluke.

The Als still seem to be finding themselves on the O-line and with their execution. For the D, each week seems to be an "adventure" - sometimes hot, sometimes cold.

Nonetheless, the Als are still playing tough and this is the only game so far where they took a whuppin'! Adversity is often what the doctor ordered to bring out the "fire in the nostrils" required to be the Beasts of the CFL. However, before that happens, the coaching staff has to draw up more innovations and the guys have to practise, practise, and execute. We still haven't reached the half-way point and there is no need for panic at this point. With better execution on both sides of the ball, the Als still have a good shot at finishing 1st.

And can someone please fix the title of this thread. . . those misplaced apostrophes are annoying. . .

I didn't see the whole game (missed the 2nd and 3rd quarters). Did Maypray get hurt (didn't see him returning kicks in the 4th quarter)?

While you always hope/wish that your team will win,the Argos deserved to win last night. Yes,we had better statistics,-except the score-but the Argos were better than us,particularly on special teams and long plays. In 4 plays,the Argos gained 195 yards and scored 2 TD's and 1 field goal. Chad Owens who will,most probably,be named CFL offensive player of the week,"touched" the ball 14 times for 291 yards-20.8 yards average-and 2 TD's; he also made key blocks on the kickoff return for a TD. He was the main "architect" of this win.

I am happy for the Argos and their fans; the Argos and the CFL need a strong/good team in Toronto. The fans who were at the game last night will definitely be back and more fans will come. I expect no less than 25,000 against Hamilton,this Friday.Jim Barker is the main reason for their success. He is definitely the actual runner up for coach of the year in the CFL. The argos,particularly on offense, will get better in the next weeks/months.

With regards to our Als,it is back to the drawing board. I surely hope that they will improve,particularly on defense,in the coming weeks/months.Looking at the Argos roster, I wonder why we -Als- can't recruit/find/trade for players such as Ronald Flemons-6.06,275-,Kevin Huntley-6.07,294-,and Eric Taylor-6.02,309-as defensive linemen and Willie Middlebrooks-6.02,204- and Byron Parker-5.11,193- as cornerbacks.

If we don't improve defensively, we may not go beyong the 2010 semi-final.


Mad Jack, you appear to be a retired english teacher, but with respect to grammar you are always right. Maypray was injured late in the third Q. He had to be helped off the field- just guessing but could be a foot/ leg problem.

One last comment. The Als were outcoached . The Argos were successful with different plays such as the fake punt and the subsequent long first down run. The snap not sent to the QB was another good gain. Was it to Johnson? The team made significent yardage with very different play selection. The Als,I believe have to do the same and, come up with different plays related to their talents. Terry Watkins had a huge TD from the end around and Bratten can carry the ball when called upon. The play of the game was the handoff to Chad Owens who ran right but, stopped and threw the ball to Clemons their Qb was a super play. THe Als were fortunate this play did not result in a TD. I greatly admire these types of plays and the coach who gets the players to do the unusual. With a game, like last night, when an underdog utilizes the unusal, is one way to beat the favored team. I recall an NFL game where this exact play defeated a favored team - but I cannot remember who were the teams.

Agreed there for sure, Barker deserves a great pat on the back, a very good game plan he devised.


Sorry but wrong on both counts. . . neither retired nor an english teacher. . . but I do work with the language and sloppy, careless errors I find annoying. Sorry if I go overboard on that from time to time.

Niagara Als; The play I think you are referring to was a snap to the QB who in turn pitched it back to Boyd and thus he threw it to the QB.

Gadget plays work once in a blue moon. It just so happened that the Argos executed them perfectly last night and caught our D and special teams napping. It happens. Nothing to get upset about IMO.

If we run a balanced offense and minimize the unforced turnovers (Calvillo fumble, Bratton INT), we're a pretty hard team to beat.

Thanks. Just read in the Gazette this morning that it seems to be a muscle problem and not a bone one. He may be ready for Winnipeg on Thursday.

Ils nous ont donné toute une volée, les Argos!

Bon, ben espérons que les gars ont compris et qu'ils vont se mettre à travailler. D'après ce que j'ai lu, ils se la coulent douce encore cette semaine.

Ils vont faire jouer Whitaker à la place de Cobourne cette semaine. Ils auraient dû le remplacer par Santiago, pour ce qu'ils font de la course...