Als are hosting a 2014 preview party. May 2nd.

What’s up y’all.

Just in case anyone missed the memo, the Alouettes are hosting a 2014 sneak peek party this Friday, downtown at Station des Sports.
Here is the FB event page with the details.

Last time I went to one of these events, I remember Mark Weightman walking around making sure everyone had beers in their paws. Good times had by all. Interesting to see what they’ve got planned for the game day experience too. I’ve heard they are doing something new with the stadium. Some sort of party zone or something???

Hope to see you there.
Le Chugg. :rockin:

It was supposed to be tomorrow but they moved it to Friday because of the Habs game...
And yes there will be a new fan zone at the stadium

I'm there

Actual players,including Troy Smith, and former players are to be present at the preview party. I wonder -I should write I hope- if new players such as a Ted Laurent and /or a Robert McCune and/or a Keron Williams could be introduced/present. I remain optimistic that the Als could sign Ted Laurent. He is definitely a number 1 priority amongst these 3 free agents.


Ted would be a great surprise. Might even get a one line mention in the Gazette (LOL).

Regarding the patio area: Will game tickets be allocated for there? Or is it open to all fans attending the game be allowed to wander through? Or maybe both?

Anyone know?

My Impression is that fans will be allowed to wander through

Thanks ro