Als are digressing again-

It seems to me that for whatever reason the ALS start out hot every season and then Calvillo turns into the same QB that we know-

The book is out, BC knows how to beat Calvillo in BC, they rush 4 and drop back 8 in coverage and usually Calvillo gets the happy feet and then he panicks and does nothing.

Ac has no deep arm anymore. He winds up like he is throwing a Javelin in the Olympics. He threw some nice corners but they were like 35 yards and wide open. His deep attempt in the game was a DUCK and wounded- He cant lead receivers more than 40 yards downfield--

I think Couburne is good, an ALL star, but I dont think this ALS team will win with him at running back. The ALS abandon the RUN so many games, and then they put in Calvillos hands and they lose. You see Trestman doesnet really use Couburne because he doesent consider him a true power running back..

Look at Martell mallet and he gets stronger as the game goes, look at Arkee Whitlock, JOfrrey REynolds, Fred REid, no offense to Couburne, but I think he is more of a receiver and should be used there.
Montreal needs the big power running back to get those tough yards or they will live and die by AC's arm.

As usual teams are starting to figure out the ALS D, I dont know if its gameplanning but the league always catches up to the ALS just about this time every year. Every team knows Cox cant cover a corner route. They know to sit back and wait for Calvillo to get happy feet-
I am not impressed at all by Trestman of late. He is calling the same crap, and teams are sitting back and just stopping it-

Als need a big running back from NFL cuts and need to use Couburne as a receiver or a dual threat back there. He is clearly not a #1 back in the CFL. The reason i say this is because Trestman dosent have confidence in him on the road, he never used him enough in this game. He had 4 yards in the first half vs a team that gave up 400 yards rushing last game--

Also Boulay looks small in the secondary, and the ALS dont really cover the deep passes well at all. Teams are going deep and completing a lot of passes vs them-

I think the Als will fade away again and somehow the Bombers will beat them and the ALS wont even make the grey up this year, and if they do they will lose pretty good to the western team.

This team can only win with a good running game. Look at what BC did with their run game, it allowed Jarious Jackson to manage the game and play well and win.

AC is just not good enough to win games by himself anymore. Trestman seems to think he can throw all day long and win that way with AC--

It wont work, teams know the ALS plays now, and after a while every play is the same shit and can be stopped by playing zone D--

They need to run teh ball and establish a run game, if not they wont win it all this season---

The teams that do well are balanced-- 4 yards rushing in 1st half will lose games.

Also Trestman might want to start Chris Leak or Mcpherson to see if they can play and come in when AC struggles. Today would have been perfect time to bench Calvilo for a while and play someone else. AC needs to be benched a bit, I think when he struggles he struggles the whole game. he is a bit of a head case not strong mentally and gets rattled..

I personally think Mcpherson is good, but I think LEAK might be the # 1 Qb on this team. Give both of them a shot and bench AC for a while..

Once AC's arm is shot on the deep balls, he is easy to defend, his arm is weakening as the season goes. He has no deep ball and he is way too inaccurate on the deep ball with no TOUCh at all--

Als had the right plan to go deep today and completed some, and Richardson has to be able to run and cut back in the middle of the field and score a TD when he is one on one with a safety twice-- What the hell he is doing, he loook so slow and cant make anyone miss a tackle. I thought he should have scored td's both times bu cutting back in the middle of the field and outrunning the safety.

Calvillo didn't fumble on the goal line on the fourht play of the game. Calvillo does not call the plays.

The Als are 7-2. So the sissys need to chill.

A horrible display- on offense the team was pathetic- unable to score a major. THe defense had their moments. Anwar Stewart knocked down one pass and Estelle blocked a kick. With some offense the Als could have had this one- this was the teams worst game of this season..Colbourne was missed in the first half but gained 100 yds in the second half. Why was he not utilized in the first half? The Lions big back ran wild throught out the game. I wondered if Devone Claybrooks would have helped here. I always liked his ability to defend against the run. He was such a big man who was effective stuffing against the run in past years. I am also questioning the Als offensive plays especially in the first half! Calvillo seems to run both hot and cold this year- this pattern is evident in the first series. I believe the Als have to be looking at other QB's- some change of pace is needed. WE have first place in the East assurred. Is it not now the best time to give Mcphersom and Leak some playing time?

As I expected, a bunch of knee-jerk, toxic reactions to an Alouettes' defeat...their second in nine games.
Sorry to break this to you, folks, but the Als will lose games this season. I also suspect they will win a lot more than they lose. (DUH!) In case you've been too tunnel-visioned to notice, there are some damned good teams in this league, besides Montreal.
The Lions played inspired ball and their O-line was next to flawless in its execution. The Als played hard and to the very end. On this night, however, the Lions were the better team.
If B.C. hammers Montreal at Molson next week, then you can start crying your eyes out and dump on the team with the best record in the CFL.

Well said. Football fans or Scoreboard fans ?

...I had a problem with the confusion the refs were having, with the ending of the Als./Leos game....The striped guys were in total disarray and looked very amateurish..They have to do better than any event , i thought Trestman called a poor game...when the Bombers just pummelled them on the ground and exposed a huge weakness.. why????did he stick mostly to the air attack... :roll: It wasn't until late in the game that Coburne was used successfully....too late and not enough pts. scored by a pretty good offence...I watch the little things in a game...AC was definitely off his game and i think it was because he missed the awesome services of Bourke....Seagraves was just average....and they were getting a lot of pressure on Calvillo...IF i were an Als. fan i would be worried about losing another top-notch guy on the o line....that being Paul Lambert...He looked like he was in a lot of pain when he left the field and could be gone for awhile....Tough holes to fill... I get the feeling Anthony will be running for his life in the next little while... :roll: :wink:

I'm not so sure about that. Andrew Woodruff is a fabulous prospect. He's fresh out of college but I'm excited to see him get in there and see where he is at.

Normally, I agree with the criticism of Calvillo, but I thought he wasn’t bad in this game. He actually led a pretty good drive down the field in that pressure filled last 3 minutes, something he usually doesn’t do.

I don’t know if we would have won this game in overtime, but the refs certainly took away our chance.

Hey snake dude AKA Cobra99. Let's put some perspective on this. In case you forgot, our O-line has been severely compromised with the injury to Burke (and now Lambert). Mobility is not Calvillo's forte and that is what we need now because the blind side protection will not be there if last night's display is a prelude to the future (next 5 weeks). Hopefully they can adjust but I doubt it. It will be very difficult (but not impossible) to execute long drives (occasional insertion of McPherson would be a thought). Tape is out there and every opponent is studying it to find ways of compromising us. The hard fact is that it will be a hard and bumpy road moving forward. Hopefully the emotional advantage at Molson Stadium will help. Let's start with some revenge on Sunday.