Al's are an average team this year.

I' am not going to sit here and point fingers at the o-line and the offensive coordinator. Instead of pointing fingers at individuals lets look at the problem. The whole unit offensive unit sucks right now. Receivers core is depleted, o-line is banged up and lacks talent, Cavillo lack of mobility is hurting the offense.

Terrance Edwards sure looked good last night. They lost a ton of talent at the receiver spot. The o-line I thought played good in pass protection last night. They need to improve on there run blocking. BOTTOM LINE THEY DON'T HAVE THE TALENT!!!!!!!!

Sacks are caused 3 ways

  1. QB holds ball too long.
  2. Missed blocking assignment.
  3. Receivers are not getting open.

One bright spot Diamond Ferri. I told you guys he was going to be a stud. My team still has him on our roster for this season. Thats going to change tonight when I talk to my coach and tell him that there is no way the Al's get rid of him. Good Luck brother, we are pulling for you Lowell, MA.

To TSN: He's not a rookie. The guy is 25 years old, got cut by the Argos last year, played 2 seasons in the NFL, a year in NFL Europe. Far from a rookie. They made it sound like this guy just picked up a football a year ago and decided that he wanted to play football.

Actually, I think that the Als are getting better with each game. Cavillo has more time and is making smarter decisions. However, the injuries to Chiu, Sanchez, and Imoh are really going to hurt.

To me, Imoh was looking really good and had the RB position locked up until he got hurt last night.

Edwards is really strugling. Last year, he would have made that play on 3rd down. That block he missed during the 2 point conversion also hurt.

I agree with regards to Diamond Ferri...he looked great!

So all that being said...are they just average? I would say yes but after what I saw in BC last night, the whole league is starting to look average where anyone can beat anyone else on any given night. That is why I love the CFL!

As far as TSN goes, I was never impressed with their play-by-play guys. The panel is pretty good though.

The solution. A coach.

We need a coach with attitude, like Don Matthews. Seemed like he got the best out of his players each night, because they knew, anyone could ride the bench with him if they don't perform. Remember, Barron Miles? Who would of ever think to bench him?

With the players the Als have, and the talent, they should NOT be 1-3 right now.

Kind of amused by all the sentimental recollections of Don Matthews. Last year, there was an outcry to get rid of him, too.
What I liked last night was that Calvillo was using more receivers and getting more time...and Hamilton's performance aqainst B.C. makes last week's win more significant.

I've always liked Don Matthews...

There was never an outcry to get ride of Matthews with the exception of the French media.They know f...all.

What ever happened to "Matthews can coach as long as he wants" ?

What about Herb Z. & Jack Todd from MTL Gazette ?

An average team plays .500 football and wins at home. A broken team plays .250 football and is winless at home.

I think Herb and Todd didn't care much for the Don on a personal level but I wonder if you asked them. Should the Don be let go and Jim take his place? I doubt they would agree publicly. Now one one one with Jim, that might be a different story. This is also why Don didn't give them the time of day.

If you don't know the game or what you are talking about ask. Report honnestly and leave the rest to the team and you won't have a problem with Don Matthews.