Als Announce No Big Owe Playoff Game

The Als announced this week that there will no playoff game held at the Big Owe (even if they make the playoffs) since the deteriorating roof cannot support a snowfall. Should they organize a game and a snowfall occurs, they will be forced to move the game back to Molson stadium.

Question: Is the roof really that dangerous? Or are they afraid that if they squeak into the playoffs, so few "fair weather" fans will show up that they are less likely to be embarrassed by holding a game with a full house at McGill?

Take away the earth's gravitational acceleration and the roof is perfectly safe, like the rest of the stadium.

La nouvelle était déjà connue la semaine dernière, mais il n'y a là rien d'inquiétant.

Premièrement, les chances que les Alouettes puissent tenir une partie éliminatoire à Montréal, voire jouer une partie d'éliminatoires, s'étiolent à chaque semaine. Ce n'est donc pas une annonce qui risque de voir le jour.

Deuxièmement, le passé récent montre que lorsque les Alouettes jouent une DEMI-finale de division, la foule atteint à peine 35 000 personnes. Les Alouettes font donc à peine leurs frais.

Troisièmement, 35 000 personnes dans le Stade Olympique, ça fait pas très vivant.

Quatrièmement, l'atmosphère au stade de l'Université McGill est bien meilleure qu'au Stade Olympique.

Cinquièmement, les joueures sont habitués de jouer sur la surface du stade Percival-Molson.

Alors dans les circonstances, cette annonce n'a rien de surprenant.

Pour ce qui est du toit du stade, si la chute de neige est modeste, il n'y a aucun danger. Mais si la chute de neige est importante, les risques existent. Merci à cette firme américaine compétente et intègre qui a proposé une solution qui ne résiste pas à l'hiver!

Yes. Apparently they have to cancel pre-scheduled events if there is snow in the forecast 48(?) hours before hand. They lack confidence that the roof will not tear/collapse.

A moot point, really. The way things are going, the Als don't need to worry about where a home playoff game might be played. What they should concentrate on is getting to the post-season...a task which appears to slipping from their grasp...

Can miracles happen? Yes! And that's just about what it will take this year.

No matter how bad the Als look at times, they're nowhere near as pathetic as the Blue Bombers. I find that quite comforting right now.

In 12 Games we haven't been blown out once. This is the best .333 football team I've seen ever in this league. Even with the Hawkins factor and Injuries. If we had a punter and we had just a bit of discipline we'd be a .500 team.

Um, the first Toronto loss? The second BC and Calgary games?

This is the best .333 football team I've seen ever in this league. Even with the Hawkins factor and Injuries. If we had a punter and we had just a bit of discipline we'd be a .500 team.
Could, shoulda, woulda. ;) At a certain point, you are what your record says you are.

I’ll give you the game in BC the other two were not blowouts. You’ve become incredibly negative about “your” team.

There you go again, questioning my loyalty as a fan because I happen to disagree with your opinion. :roll:

I'll say it once, and once only: I'm a fan of this team, just like you, and I have every right to voice my opinion without you pretending you're some kind of Alouette Fan Judge who is allowed to decide who is and isn't a real fan of the team.

Also, you're just as "negative" as I am at times. You've been as critical of the team as I have been, and with just cause. I hope for a win every week, but the gap between hope and reality gets bigger every game. This team has found every conceivable way to lose this year. Their record at home is awful. The turnovers, the penalties, the confusion. To me, being realistic about this team's chances is not negative. Like I said, at a certain point, you are what your record says you are. Winnipeg lost a bunch of close games a few years ago but still finished 4-14. Nobody is going to remember how close your losses were. They'll just remember the losses.

How is saying you are negative questioning your loyalty as a fan ? You want to be Senior 2.0 keep at it :rockin:

BS. You put "your" in quotation marks, I can read between the lines. And again, I'm not being negative, just realistic. I mean, I could call you delusional, and say you're just blindly optimistic without any logic or reason. We can take those shots all day long. Does it get us anywhere? You seem to have trouble discussing football without making it personal. Leave me out of your little ramblings and stick to football...

Although I`m probably the first to complain when taxes are raised, I have to admit I would like to see a roof put on the Big O.
I have great memories of the Als, Expos, and even Michael Jackson. :oops:

Here is Charles-Andre Marchand`s take:

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