Als announce Faubert-Lussier retires; Bray, six others suspended

MONTREAL — Ahead of the beginning of training camp this weekend, the Montreal Alouettes made a few roster moves on Tuesday afternoon.

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Re-signing Chris Schleuger now makes sense. Clues were there. I just missed them.

I could be mistaken, but I thought Quan Bray posted that he was heading to Canada this past weekend.

Are they suspended because they didn't show up to begin quarantine? camp begins July 10th and I assume the players would report July 3rd to begin quarantine.

So if Montreal put 6 players on suspension (and Sask put 10 on suspension) and the reason was because of those suspended players unable to attend training camp because of border conditions not being met. What does that really say about those players. To me if I wanted a job I would ensure my preparation was in place very early (months ago) to ensure my attendance, when the season was announced as going ahead. (Vaccinations, passports, work visa, plane tickets, etc). Especially since they were not playing last season.

In the off-season there is only an active roster and a suspended list.
Thats it!
Every player has to be on one of these two lists unless they have retired or been released.
I don't believe border issues not being met has anything to do with it.
It is the only way of keeping those players

Only 100 players can go to Training Camp, 20 could get injured in the first 3 days after no football for over 600 days
Some players may not make it past day 1 physicals

Sure ! I knew they could only have a max of 100 players at training camp. But have never seen so many players put on the suspended list at one time before. Normally when I have seen a player on the suspended list it was punishment for an infraction. So then if the team is using the suspended list as retention of players over the 100 allowerd, why or how do they decide which players stay on the active list and who gets suspended. Either reason I still wonder what value are these players if they are put on suspension rather than on the active list. If no players get injured during training then these players won't have had training camp to determine their abilities and talent so maybe best to just cut them. They can be contacted later if they are required for an injured player. Unless this is a way for the team to prevent them from being picked up by another team. Which I think sucks for the suspended player to get a potential job somewhere.

You are guys are assuming that teams have planned this and are directing players to the suspension list. If anything, it is the other way around. The players are the ones choosing not to show up.

Canada won't let Bray into the country with that drug smuggling conviction. He and Robinson tried to smuggle marijuana that almost weighted the same amount as Bray. I could see Bray get into Canada with possession of a dimebag or a few joints, but the amount of the marijuana was overdoing it

Quan Bray was initially charged with 2 counts. One was dropped. Bray pleaded guilty to the other one and ended up paying a fine. While it was never disclosed what Bray pleaded guilty to, I would assume that the penalty for a drug smuggling is greater than simply a fine.

That being said, the final decision on whether Bray is allowed into Canada is out of his hands.