Als and Lions Intending to Break Cap?

They ignored league rules last year and are protesting the existence of the cap- suggesting a refusal to comply.

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theres no rule that says they HAVE to stay under the Cap…

they are welcome to go over the $4.05M they want, and will be fined for doing so ( not to mention loss of draft picks )…so its thier choice.

perhaps the league should write in a new rule that says, ‘by refusing auditors access to the books, you will be fined as if you are $700,000 over the cap.’

What an interesting article. Braley & Wetenhall are playing their games one more time.
They were the two that got rid of the last commissioner because he wanted to do the right thing for the league.
Everything in the CFL is either their way or the highway.
Time will tell if these two will play by the rules or destroy the league.

While I don't agree with their positions on the cap, I respect Montreal and BCs concerns. They may even be wrong, but that does not make them bad people.

By the way - anyone notice the line "the National Post has learned..." in that story. Ever wonder why someone would leak that particular piece of information?

Don't let the media or anyone else slander two of the league's most supportive and successful owners. The media is as much a victim as you and I are when someone wants to plant a story that makes their opponent look bad.

Whether in politics or football, if you read a negative story about someone that has been "leaked" to the press, you have to question the motives of the people who did the leaking. :wink:

I'm not into shooting the messenger. If a negative story is untrue, debunk it. If it is true, deal with the issue at hand.

Montreal was one of the cheapest teams i thought. They never seem to want to pay anyone, they rely on strong scouting more than going out and buying high priced free agents. And doesn't Wetenhal always whine about losing money in Montreal every year.

Sure, but then what is "truth"? There are two sides to most stories. If you only hear one side you have only one half of the "truth". :wink:

Agreed; so those who believe the story to be false should state so.

As a wise man once said "A proof is a proof is a proof...", and another said "You can't handle the truth!"

Would the truth be proof?

(Thank you, Dr. Seuss)

you Know what is funny
Mr Braley Owned are Ticats and Spent nearly nothing
He Buys BC and is Throwing Money Around Left and Right.

I am not a Braley Fan at All
But I am Bob Young Fan..

When I first read this thread title, I thought it said "Als and Lions Intending to Break Cup?" And it was prepared to mentioned that one of those two teams already took care of that. :slight_smile:

But seriously, some interesting points were made in this thread. If Braley, Wetenhall, or any other owners have a problem with the SMS, it'll be interesting to see how Cohon deals with it. And hopefully, he'll do what he says he'll do. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"The salary management system will be applied to its full extent to all CFL member clubs this season," he said in a statement relayed through the league's communications department. "The 2007 audits are about to commence. Should any incidents of non-compliance occur, they will be met with swift and meaningful discipline as outlined in the CFL constitution."

That was good to hear, and it'll be interesting to see how this rookie commissioner will deals with those who apparently don't like playing by certain rules.

Well, I understand that when Braley owned the Ticats, the organization was not bringing in as much money. So Braley could not spend as much money as the team may have been losing money despite him not spending as much. That's what I understand anyway.

Sorry if I took the handle you wanted. :slight_smile:

Braley knew that if you don't spend your own money
when you start a new business it is doomed to fail.

Dave knew that the CFL owners/directors
always all pull in different directions.

When Braley found that he couldn't cajole,
persuade or bully them to work together
he said 'screw it' and sold the Cats

Teams with money, especially Edmonton
looked out only for themselves,

community run teams barely coped,

and as always idiot rich guys
always bought failing teams

and threw money around for a while.


I do not know this for a fact, but
maybe by the time he bought the Lions
his net worth had improved so much

that he didn't care about
what running them cost.

In 'if you can't beat'em join'em philosophy.'

his challenge became saving the CFL.
[and up the value of the B.C. franchise]

"As a wise man once said"????
I thought it was Jean Chretien that said that? :slight_smile: