als and argos

clearly the als offense is ready to play, their special teams was strong too... defense was dominant in the first half then trickled off.. overall i think mtl is back where they left off...

hopefully we can gel quickly and win these games vs the cats and others at the start, cause despite being 0-1 i think mtl is going to put up a good number of wins early in the season.. i know its one game... but its still something to think about

on the other hand toronto doesnt scare me... lemon looks ok on the short throws but has had trouble strecthing the field... and calagry has marched almost at will against the to defense.. a few mishaps have stopped them from putting up points and making this game out of reach..

I agree about Toronto, Calgary is trying their best to give this game away.

As For Montreal, no doubt their offence will be deadly. However i think they should be concerned about the Defence. Cates ran up the middle all day and those holes were HUGE. Also, if Estelle is out for a while that could pose a problem. Samuels did didn't look very good at all.

…some concerns for the Als. on d for sure…BUT what a way to start the year off…I think the Bombers and Cats will have to go some to match that display :thup: …I can’t for the life of me figure out how the heck you can get burned on a ‘too many men’ penalty when that was the reason Sask. lost the Cup in that exact fashion :roll: :roll: I was laughing at Daley…running on to the field previously to that call ,for EXACTLY THE SAME REASON just a few plays before… :lol: What a debacle …Obviously all the math. lessons they took in the off-season didn’t sink in :lol: …I think the riders should find a big green nose and some floppy shoes for Daley…the guy is a natural clown…AND to think he was the head coach here at one time :lol: …Great game though and all that really matters is the two points goes to the green guys, after all of that :roll: :lol: :thup: