Als and Argos probably playing at THF Oct 23rd !

Looks like the Toronto circus will be making its way to Hamilton.

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Can't wait for this lame-duck season/nightmare to be over.

So the Ottawa Football Club gets an extra home game courtesy of the BJs but the Als don't?


So you think the Jays will make it that far?

F**k the Blue Jays. Just for this I hope they lose every game the rest of the way.

I curse thee ...


Feel free to join the curse. Increase the power. Post below. :slight_smile:

You expect the Argos to move ALL their home games into "enemy territory"?? Bad enough that they have to move any games. THF is at least a neutral site. Not sure why they don't play the Ottawa game there too but maybe it wasn't available for the 6th

Oh, I have been cursing them and the rest of the "evil empire"(Rogers) for years. But I will join your noble cause. :rockin: :rockin:

NO ... I expect a professional league to not give ANY team an extra home game. But if you are going to then be consistent.

NFL blew it after Katrina letting the Giants host the Saints home opener and the CFL has now.

Nope it was offered to them. If you read the article Montreal would have taken the game but Molson Stadium isn't available because the school is using the stadium that weekend. Where Ottawa controls their stadium.

Redman play on the 24th, what is on the 23rd?

They have one football game and two soccer games that weekend, plus practices They don't like to have CFL teams around their students. Add to that the CFL refusing to support the CIS drug policy and you get what you get.

Approving the CommunistAfricanAmericans getting an extra hime game is still stupid - IMO.

Did you expect Orridge to say NO to Braley ? :lol:

You are preaching to the quior

Count me in guys :thup:

BlueJays :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

First off, the only way the Jays will play Oct 23rd is if they win the first round series..


Texas Rangers takes care of the Jays in the first round.