Al's Amazing Publicity

I go 2 or 3 times a year, traveled the entire island on a bike and I've seen English losers, French losers, Italian losers, Russian losers and Cuban American losers. The low price attracts losers, has nothing to do with where they are from. Went to a five star in Negril recently and none of them were there. Its an easy fix.

There is definitely truth to this as sad as it is. Reading vacation reviews for Cuba and Dominican there are usually warnings about the large amount of french people that go to a particular resort. Sounds exactly right too, loud, obnoxious, and rude.

Yes, why would you support a Marxist Communist regime that doesn't allow their own people to travel, rule at the point of a gun, that don't allow elections, that won't trade with it's neighbours, censors the internet, doesn't allow their own citizens to own a house or land, the government owns everything. The only similar country is North Korea.
Cuba knows that there only source of income is tourists. They are true Marxists and don't believe in trade but they bent their rules on tourism after their only source of income Russia went free market.
There are dozens of other Caribbean countries where I would rather spend my money.
Give freedom to your people, allow your own people to travel in your own country, allow the free market, trade with other countries and maybe I will visit.
We are a free and democratic country and we should be encouraging other countries to be free and democratic, not spending our money in a Marxist communist country.

What you may not know is that "on the ground" in Cuba the most despised Canadian tourists are Older Southern Ontario Anglo-saxon women who go down to Cuba to take advantage of young vulnerable Cuban men, some are actually "organized", Their male equivalent mostly Italian men.

The French party crowd causes them a lot of extra work especially the smokers but they appreciate the very generous tips that French Canadian are well known for down there.

As for the buffet lines, Cubans who are rewarded with "weekend vacation" during slow months give a new meaning to "Crazy" at the buffet line. :lol:

Cubans who are generally pretty "macho" get a real kick out of Canadian men with boobs who get tugged around by their wives all week long :wink:

But what do I know. Been there over 30 times but Tripadvisor is a great source of sob stories :roll:

You would be surprised how many Cubans love Fidel and are proud that their country carves their own path in spite of the incredible hardship caused by the American embargo, all of their food is organic, Cancer,obesity and diabetes are pretty much non existant. In the last year the Chinese have been all over the island and are starting to invest mountains and I mean mountains of money in Cuba in exchange for exclusive resorts (pretty much the whole North Coast is slated for development for Chinese citizens as well as mineral and drilling rights. Don't be surprised if the US drops its embargo when they see the Chinese set up shop in Cuba.

As for owning homes, it is now possible in Cuba, even foreigners can own property in Cuba provided they are married to a Cuban citizen or own a business in Cuba.

oh this thread is regressing on all cylinders and is heading for a lockdown.....

the last 5 or 6 posts have had nothing to do with football in any way shape or form....let's stay on topic please folks.

In that vane, if the Als give us a whipping behind the woodshed and get some press, so be it. If we give them a whooping and get no press, so be that as well. You don't expect a small market like Hamilton to get nationwide press for winning a football game do you? Really?

Let's just win...and do our own bragging and don't wait for others to do it for us...

Sorry about that but one of your own descended into bigotry. I felt it was important to "develop" on his idea.

Totally agree with you,Glovesave!!!!! Unless Troy Smith was born in Cuba,or went to college in Cuba....which he didn't!!!! Why then did this thread turn into a Tourism thread???? It's about the Al's new messiah and how after 1 whole game how he's been anointed as the "next big thing" in this league.Read my lips....not about Bigotry,not about Cuba,not about politics,not about buffet lines,not about how many times somebodies visited or vacationed somewhere,not about who or why people go to certain places etc etc I usually don't say this but......Try to stay on topic or at least as close to topic as possible....cause in reality who gives a flying fig about Cuba and what goes on there........Football Forum.......people........Not Tourism Forum!!!! Rant Over!!!! Back to Topic aka Smith/Al's/Publicity I've said it once (or twice)already Mr Smith's CFL career so far is 1 game(impressive,but not that impressive)Let's see if he can deliver on a consistent level for a stretch of games consistently.....otherwise all he is to me is a player who had an impressive debut.....and I've seen a lot of this over the year's when the player actually doesn't live upto the hype and quickly disappears into the recycle bin,when it's proven that he can't live up to his initial game played.If Mr. Heisman is such an amazing QB then let him prove it again and again and again and again etc.....reality check,boys and girls......Troy Smith CFL career games played.....1....end of story!!!!!!

^^^ All true bobo8224 , but I'd still rather have the tabbies face Marsh or Neiswander.

Most or all of the anti-Cuba comments could easily be applied to the US. But don't let facts get in the way of your slavish devotion to conservative ideology...

Are you sure about that?

Cuba is a marxist communist country; the USA is not.

Cuba does not generally allow their people to travel abroad (unless going through rather rigourous exit controls). The USA does not do that.

Cuba rules at the point of a gun, as mikem stated. The USA does not.

Cuba does not have free elections. The USA does.

Cuba censors the internet. The USA does not.

Cuba, being a marxist economy, abhors private property rights; the USA does not.

Hate or dislike the USA all you want, but comparing it to Cuba is hyperbole.

Let me clarify my post and sorry for getting of topic about the mentality of our second most Rivalry after the Argos with the French speaking Montreal fans ! Cuba was an example where you notice they won't give us English Speaking sports fans the time of day! Get lost in Quebec and pull out a map and ask for help! No speak English !You will end up back in the hammer! :wink: They think they're sh** don't stink!


I would suggest you shut down this thread.

Yes, we really have gone off the rails here haven't we?

Proper moderation should not shut down on topic threads, but instead should shut down continued off topic posts and posters.

It is important keep some perspective. Smith stole the spotlight by throwing 3 touchdown passes, however, if fans believe the victory came because of his performance, they would be mistaken.
Being a player with potential, simply means that you haven't done anything yet. Smith had success at Ohio State, has obvious athleticism and a cannon of an arm, however, he also struggles with his ability to read coverages and throwing accuracy. He completed only 49 per cent of his passes in last week's game and had only 40 passing yards in the second half.

And let's face it, Hamilton did not show up ready to play that game. The Ticats could not have performed any sloppier. In the first half alone, they had 103 yards in penalties.

The greatest improvement Smith brought to the field was the fact that he did not turn the ball over.

Smith stole the spotlight this week, but if the Als want to continue to have success offensively, it will be because of the play of their offensive line and the performance of an emerging star in Tyrell Sutton.

Yes... Marsh and Neiswander struggled with ball security, but they did not have the luxury of a rushing attack that placed them into high percentage second and short situations.

Plenty of attention has been placed on the chemistry between Smith and S.J. Green to connect for majors, but the play of Sutton is what has consistently moved the chains.

Sutton has averaged 6.3 yards per carry this season and finished last week's game with 121 yards of total offence.

If Hamilton takes Sutton out of the game and forces Smith to throw the ball down field into small zone coverage windows, I believe the Montreal QB will struggle when they face each other again this week. I will be very interested in seeing what kind of defensive gameplan Hamilton defensive co-ordinator Orlondo Steinauer comes up with.

Personally, I am not convinced yet that Smith is the future of the franchise. He has a lot of potential, but his development as a quarterback will be evident when I see him read coverages under pressure and make the tough "touch" throws down the field.

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What a coincidence !!!! Both posters that still want to talk Cuba and Politics are both Alouette fans,a pair of mindless little trolls....suggestion go to your own forum and start up the discussion over there,and quit trying to hi-jack in other words.....take a hike!!!! If neither of you want to discuss something you probably no very little football...then may I suggest you both just "pisse tout de suite"!!!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

bobo I do apologize for going off-topic, I"ll try very hard to ensure it does not happen again.

Frers is one of my favorite CFL writers. Great piece and well written.