Al's Amazing Publicity

It's incredible the amount of publicity the Montreal Al's have received from bashing the Tiger-Cats, I've counted 6 major news papers that have either had the team as head line news or somewhere in the mix from the Vancouver to Montreal, one win for Montreal and starting QB Troy Smith in a back to back series against Hamilton and you would think it was a Grey Cup victory, I mean when Hamilton wins we would be lucky if their is any mention of the team outside of Hamilton?

I guess after one victory for Troy Smith and Montreal according to TSN's Chris Schultz who is talking about the new found QB to replace A.C. after one game are you kidding me, I mean the guy played a great game granted but it was one game, let's see him do that again and maybe for an entire season than we'll talk but it's amazing how much the media has blown this one game up to be like Montreal is in a Shrine of the CFL all on it's own, it's just one game?



Hey Bigcat:

I remember after Marsh started in a couple of games for them. He played well and everyone was ready to crown him in the same manner as they are now exulting Smith. I said then that it was only a couple of games and that it doesn't mean much of anything.

Now, Marsh is riding the bench behind Neiswander and Smith is now in the spotlight. Hang on because the quarterbacking wheel in Montreal will just continue to keep spinning.

Oh yea, one interesting game in Guelph this weekend, no question. Will it keep spinning? I don't know.

It's basically only because of the fact that he won the Heisman and played in the NFL. Let's face it,if it was Billy Joe Bumbleberry from Drunken State or Embraceable U ie: a complete nobody,rest assured there would be next to no publicity or over the top hype attached to it. I agree it's one game,a game where he didn't even complete 50% of his passes,he might just pan out to be as good as the hype machine is making him out to be,but please!!!!Because he's a washout from the NFL who played at a big time college and won a trophy,the media is gaga and goo goo over this guy.Let's just see how he does this week,now that we got some game film on him,and can better prepare for him from the get go.My prediction is that Mr.Smith will not look as good this week as last.

I remember Adrian McPherson (I think in his first CFL start) getting out the broomstick and the crisco on us back in 2010 at Ivor Wynne under Greg Marshalls bend and break defense. McPherson had 238 yards in the air and 121 yards rushing that game and IIRC he was touted as ACII, the next messiah after AC blah blah by the media......and hes playing arena ball now?

I think Smith's accolades for that game are justified.

Consider the situation...

Hamilton is rolling with new found momentum, beating the first place and Grey Cup champion Argos twice in a row and making a run for first place with a future HOF QB.

Montreal, fires their new coach part way into the season, having the GM take over the HCing. While AC, their futrure HOF QB, is gone for the year, they go with Tanner Marsh and Neiswander who didn't really get the job done, opt for a newbie to the CFL who not only beat the high flying tabbies, but helps destroy them 36-5, throwing 3 TDs, no ints and averages a whopping 14.3 yards per completion. Hamilton was leading the league in that category with just over 8 yards per completion, IIRC.

Could Smith also have the much desired leadership qualities that lifted and inspired the whole team, defense included? Could very well be.

He sure looked confident in his first CFL start.

Next week will be very interesting with all the pressure on Austin and Hamilton

That's more of a statement about AC than it is MacPherson

I still think Adrian could be a very good QB in the CFL and we might have seen him again if the "kids" had not done as well as they did this year all over the league. Him and Trestman was never going to work. You think Trestman would have done like Popp and said "Troy go have fun and try to make some plays, follow your instincts" NOT a CHANCE.

It is too early to predict what kind of "career" Troy will have but he is a very exciting QB and put on a show last weekend, that's why people took notice.

C'mon you guys!
Winning a Heisman trophy is a huge accomplishment,
Being recognized and chosen as the most outstanding player ahead of a huge number of elite athletes coming out of
collegiate football shows the athleticism and talent this guy has.
Not reaching his full potential could be caused by many reasons unknown to us.
He put a big hurt on us last game and we had better be more prepared for him next game!

*** Correction ****

That should be 8.7 yards per attempt, not completion.

Accordingly, Smith threw for an average of 7 yards per attempt against Hamilton.

IMO what he did really well was throwing sideline to sideline. He can get the ball out there so quickly that Hamilton was not able to cover the width of the field. Orlando will make adjustments. My guess is he assumed because Smith was a rookie that he could hide his secondary by playing them further back and inside and cause some turnovers and he got burned badly. So it will be a battle of adjustments this week and with two practices that is easier for Orlando than it is for the Montreal offense.

But what's your point? he won the game for them. Burris may have had a better average per attempt but they lost.
It's about making the ones you complete count and not making the mistakes, and he appears to have done that.

They kicked our ass form one end of the field to the other, no excuses. And IMO Smith is a real deal. He looked good, he did not have the deer in the headlite look.

I don't think there was undue publicity. Schultz had picked the Cats to win, and he's picking them to win again this week. He's been a booster of Hamilton all season long. I myself don't think my Als will prevail in Guelph, though I hope they do. Mostly I just hope we play a good game (even if it's a loss) and escape with no major injuries...

Either way it means nothing because these stats don’t take into account yards after the catch. On the TD to Green the pass was for 25 yards but the QB is credited with 64 because Green ran it for an extra 39 yards. Then you can take the optic that velocity of the throw and placement allowed Green to catch it in stride and created the YAC. Stats in football are often useless.

Well after a 1 game career in the CFL,it looks like it's official the Al's are a "LOCK" for this years Grey Cup,yup,yes siree,the second coming of Flutie and Moon is in are midst.......people,GET REAL!!!!! Yes the guy won a Heisman,yes he came from the NFL,yes he played big time college ball,yes he played great in his "FIRST" game in the league...question?? Since when does one game,make a career?? If and only if this guy comes out next game and again kicks our butts,then leads Mtl to the Grey Cup finals.....Then you'll have to admit that maybe the Al's have got their Q.B. of the future,until then,let's all settle down take a deep breath and not go goo-goo gaa-gaa over some guy who clearly wasn't good enough to play with the so-called BIG-BOY league and came up here as a last resort when it was clear that nobody wanted him anymore in the NFL(Which is surprising,when you look at some of the Q.B's in that league :thdn: )Who really knows?? Maybe this guy will turn out to be the next big thing......but let's see what he can do,and not judge him on one game played and anoint him the "chosen one" prematurely.Just remember lots of players have been one-hit wonders and soon found themselves in the "where are they now??" files.

I like him :wink: Calm, poised, great arm, difficult to take down, good pocket awareness, reads blitz well, humble and he’s prepared to put the work and time in. It is more than the one game. Some of us Als fans have been keeping an eye on much more.

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