Looking at the Als off-season roster, I see that 10 players have been added while 1 has been excluded/released; the player released is Riall Johnson.

The players added/signed for 2010 training camp are:
Nuvraj Bassi-DT-Import-Oregon
David Bouchard-OL-Non-Import-Laval
Scott Burley-OL-Import-Maryland
Daron Clark-WR-Import-Stillman
Jarrell Guyton-LB-Import-Morgan State
Chris Parris-DL-Non-Import-Charleston Southern
Sam Pope-DB-Import-Hampton
Darrell Robertson-DE-Import-Georgia Tech
Tyrell Soles-LB-Import-Penn State
Lorenzo Williams-DT- Import- Missouri-

4 defensive linemen,2 offensive linemen,2linebackers, 1 wide receiver and 1 defensive back form the 10 players added.Mr.Popp,as always, has been busy but quiet.

We now have 71 players on off-season roster;36 imports and 35 non-imports.


Pardon me, but I thought Basi was a non-import from the Vancouver area.

Yes,Bassi is a non-import.

Thank you


Richard, do you have any more on Bassi, other than his being a DT?

Yes, tons of stuff on google!

Richard and Hassall are the same person ?

No we are different but, we both have brilliant football minds!