Als acquire the rights to OL Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

MONTREAL — The Montreal Alouettes have acquired the rights to National offensive lineman Laurent Duvernay-Tardif from the Calgary Stampeders.

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This trade is rather complicated with a lot of "what ifs" but then so what? Huff knows Tardif isn't coming back to Canada to play in the CFL.
He is making way to much money in US dollars to be attracted to the CFL wages. Unless he gets seriously hurt and really can't play any more in the NFL. Then what good would he be to Montreal?

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The other side of the argument could be that he's made so much money in the NFL that he'll be tempted to play a farewell season in the CFL just for the hell of it.

He won't care what wage is offered, but he'll get "Duvernay-Tardif M.D." on his jersey.

All It's costing them is a 1st and 2nd-round pick and you never know - they may turn into busts (e.g. Faith Ekakitie)

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LDT hasn't been offered an NFL contract yet. Maybe he's like Spiderman looking for a homecoming

Maybe he is waiting to announce that he's setting up a practice with Andrew Buckley?

You can just imagine a disruptive patient attempting to trash the waiting room...then the next thing he remembers is a 320 lb. man physically dumping him outside the entrance.

The troubling question is Why?

He's 31 and not committed to football. LDT is looking for a new career in Medicine

So, it's worth about as much as the Elk's getting the rights to a QB in Denver....Having him actually play is a bit of a pipe dream....

You know what? I think he will sign with the Als for a last hurrah as a player

I do too. Als will work around his sked to make it work imo. I dont think you make this move without a plan in place.

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