Als 7th.....

in Langs power rankings ? Is he a moron or does he know something we don't ?

Every year people write off the Alouettes, and every year we make 'em eat their words. This year will be no different.

Ah the media and power rankings!
2 of the most useless things on the planet! :lol:

I could see them ranked 6th... maybe 5th, but no higher than that.

I can't believe he ranked the Eskimos last. Hopefully he's wrong.

If you go purely by the pre-season standings it would look this way:

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Hamilton
  3. Toronto
  4. Calgary
  5. Montreal
  6. Edmonton
  7. BC
  8. Winnipeg

Remember,that is just on the pre-season games and results....

I put the Riders first just on my bias, you could interchange them with the Cats or have them tied.. the Riders beat BC and Calgary so that why I have them no. 1, and Winnipeg last because they lost to the Cats twice.


ranking is dead on just flip flop sask and montreal

Dude! Saskatchewan shouldnt be that low

They are all tied for first at this point!

Lang has no confidence in Popp as a head coach. I can’t argue. Would Popp have hired a HC with his own qualifications? NEVER

Popp has not earned the right to be a Pro HC. I am not sure he’s earned the right to be a college HC.

He Makes Charlie Sound like Hitler..
Charlie dose run tight ship but he is fair with his Players..

Here is the Section on Hamilton.

"When I think of the Tiger-Cats new head coach Charlie Taaffe, I think or R. Lee Ermey's Marine drill sergeant character in "Full Metal Jacket". Taaffe is hard core, old school football all the way. Taaffe has never struck me as the kind of guy who likes to make friends with players. He's the boss. They're the players.

Picking up quarterbacks like Timmy Chang and Shaun King to back up Jason Maas were shrewd off-season moves by the Ticats. Then in an example of large and in charge Taaffe is, he drops the hammer on King after the first pre-season game. He also cut Devonte Peterson. Then Ticat "lifers," Rob Hitchcock and Mike Morreale were let go. It's definitely a new world order in Hamilton as Taaffe imposes his iron fisted will over the Ticats."

Popp is a lot more qualified than you think!

[url=] ... aff_id=136[/url]

2007 - Entering his 12th season as the General Manager and his first full year as head coach, Jim Popp has built the Alouettes into the CFL’s most successful franchise of the last decade. Popp has been recognized as one of the brightest minds in professional sports, known for his ability to both build expansion teams and rebuild established franchises into winning organizations. He has extended his duties as general manager through the year 2010 and also signed a new contract to become the franchise’s head coach on Dec. 1, 2006. He took over the head coaching duties when Don Matthews stepped down on Oct. 4, 2006.

Still a young GM, his accomplishments are nonetheless already impressive – he has the best overall record of any CFL general manager over the last 12 years and he led the Alouettes to five consecutive seasons of 12 or more victories (1996-2000), becoming one of only three teams in CFL history to accomplish that feat. Of the three CFL coaches ever to win back-to-back Coach of the Year honours, two did so working with Popp (Don Matthews 1994-1995 and Charlie Taaffe 1999-2000).

In 15 years in the CFL (two years with Saskatchewan, two with Baltimore, and 11 with Montreal), Popp's teams have never had a losing record. His teams have appeared in the playoffs every year, having been in 12 division championships and seven Grey Cups, winning two league championships. Under Popp, the team has reached the East Division Championship in every season except 2001 and the Grey Cup in 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006 (as head coach) winning in 2002.
Before joining the Alouettes, Popp was Assistant General Manager (the only GM named in the organization) and Director of Player Personnel with the Baltimore Stallions in 1994 and 1995. In 1995, the Stallions established an all-time CFL record for wins in a season with an 18-3 record (including the playoffs and Grey Cup). The Stallions won their last 13 games and remain the only American team to have won the Grey Cup. The 1995 Stallions team had a total of 14 players go on to sign NFL contracts and surprised no one by winning the Grey Cup. The 1994 Baltimore Stallions have the distinction of being the most successful expansion franchise in the history of professional team sports. The first-year squad went 12-6, won the East Division Championship, and appeared in the Grey Cup.

Popp was the Saskatchewan Roughriders' Director of Player Personnel and Wide Receivers Coach under Don Matthews in 1992-93. The Roughriders had two successful seasons while Popp was in Saskatchewan, appearing in the playoffs both years.

Before coming to the CFL, Popp helped to form the Professional Spring Football League in 1992 where he held the league title of Director of Player Personnel and worked and lived with former NFL Coach Walt Michaels. In 1991, he served as the wide receivers, special teams, and strength and conditioning coach for the Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks of the World League of American Football (now known as NFL Europa) under NFL great, Coach Roman Gabriel.

Popp coached at the collegiate level for five seasons: The Citadel (1988-90) under Charlie Taaffe; North Carolina (1987) under Dick Crum; and Michigan State (1986) under George Perles. He played college football for three seasons at Michigan State (1983-85) under Perles, as a wide receiver and defensive back. Popp’s position coaches at Michigan State were Nick Saban (head coach at University of Alabama and former head coach of the Miami Dolphins) and Charlie Baggett (former assistant head coach of the Miami Dolphins and now at the University of Washington).

I almost decided to read that, but then I saw how long it was lol

But you still had to quote it!

You don't have to read it.
You may choose to remain uninformed if you like.

I would have read just the bolded parts myself lol

Why again did Taffe leave Montreal ? Was it for a job down South or did Popp give him the toe ?

Job down south.
College I believe.

Taaffe left Montreal for a college job down south. Mostly for family reasons, I understand. No way would Popp have given him the boot. Apart from Matthews, he was the best coach we’ve had in a long time.

Head coach for two years in Montreal, and won Coach of the year both years. Can't very well fire a guy for that. :smiley:

That's right, I was thinking of the old guy before Taffe, was it Rust ?

Ya it was Rod Rust. I think he resigned for health reasons