Als 70s Uniforms

Um, the 1970s were one of the darkest periods in franchise history? They made it to five Grey Cups in six years wearing that uni, and won two of them.

Ha, you're right, I was confusing the '70s with the '60s. :lol:

In the end, I don't mind going back to the logo, like I've said, but I like our current jerseys and we are enjoying a magical era as Als fan.

Glad to see someone with a passion for the Als 70's uniforms and logo. I agree they look much better, and I'd like to add a few things:

-The shade of blue used in 2010 for the retro uniforms is similar to that used in the 70's but not identical. In 1974 and 1981 the shade of blue (on the jerseys only) was lighter than even the 2010 retros, but a darker blue jersey shade existed from 1975-80.
-It is said "image is everything", the 1970's triangle logo is cryptic and allows for individual interpretations - like art people see in it what they want. For example the "M" as a flying alouette/skylark +/or the city of Montreal, the "A" as Mount Royal, and the inner white triangle area as a satellite. This allows for a better chance at an attractive image interpretation than the simple childlike cartoon logo. It is laughable to see this cartoon attempt at making the bird look ferocious.

-due to the tremendous success over the last 10 years or so, it may be a good idea to hang onto the present look for a while and do what the Roughriders do: Have 2 logos and uniforms, one regular and one 70's retro - which has more than doubled merchandising sales. Both eras are associated with great success for the team, and if the 70's retros outsold the regular jerseys 2:1 as you said, the Als would be crazy not to adopt them as their permanent alt/retro look.

A fierce image especially when including dark colours does give a team the "feeling" of confidence in that they may be intimidating looking to their opponents. Sports Illustrated did a story on how the colour black was used so much now because of that mental advantage. However, it does have one drawback in that the team can be perceived as TOO fierce to the point of being seen as criminal - and receiving more penalties. The Raiders were given as an example. However fan loyalty to an attractive fierce team image far outweighs that for something weak like the old California Golden Seals in their yellow uniforms with white skates. Or Mighty Ducks in purple.

I still love the 70's color scheme. It looks damn nice and also reminds me of the Dickie Harris jersey I wore as a kid.
I really have no problem with today's bird logo though. I think it's better than any of the 70's logo's.

Au risque de me répéter, l'uniforme et le logo actuels représentent l'ère la plus fructueuse des Alouettes, et les joueurs qui les ont portés avec fierté et qui se sont dépensés pour parvenir et maintenir ce niveau d'excellence méritent que le crédit de leurs efforts soit représenté par le maintien de cet uniforme et de ce logo. C'est un hommage à leur succès des 15 dernières saisons, à leur dévouement et à leur fierté.

L'uniforme bleu des années '70 représente une belle époque pour les Alouettes, mais ces années sont révolues et il ne sert à rien de sombrer dans la nostalgie. Laissons-le à son époque, quitte à le conserver comme rétro "officiel", mais gardons les symboles de cette équipe actuelle que nous admirons et dont nous sommes fiers. Personne ne songerait de voir les Canachiens revenir à l'uniforme porté par Aurèle Joliat, quelque faste ait pu être son époque.

Personnellement, il m'amuse, le méchant oiseau. C'est une ironie parfaite pour ce sport, où malgré le fait que des joueurs puissants se foncent dedans sans ménagement, le but n'est pas de se blesser mais de réussir des jeux, de performer dans un sport.

Rough English version from an online translator. Keep the regular uniforms but make the 70's retro uniform & triangle logo the permanent alt versus the black or any other 3rd and I think the fans would be happy.

Ah, Dickie Harris. . . man does that bring back memories. . . and all good ones, I might add. What a fine football player Harris was. If were to get up a list of the great defensive backs who have played with the Als, Dickie Harris I'm sure would be up at the top of said list.

Si vous voulez voir ce que certains amis du sud de la frontière en pensent...'ll+do+any+thing+to+see+a+CFL+game&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca&

Comme quoi les goûts et les couleurs n'ont rien d'unanime!


Leave the red, white and blue to the Habs IMO and the old logo looks like a corporate logo a utility or oil company would use. Old, boring and out of touch.

If I was to make a change I'd darken the blue of the current uniforms a bit. I think Silver, dark blue and a bit of burgundy would add a little seriousness to the look but that's about it.

I agree the 70's retro jersey should be at least the official alternate jersey, I didn't watch CFL football back in the 70's I knew of the CFL but way too young to watch and enjoy it. The only jersey I remember Montreal wearing was the Concordes then Alouettes jersey, which was more red and white with a splash of blue from the 80's. I looked in many old pictures and saw the 70's als uniform and was amazed ownership never went back to this look in the 80's or 90's. To me that jersey and logo was the best thing they had, and it's my favorite look of all the uniforms in CFL history. Sadly I missed the game they wore it, and I think it was only once this last season, hope they realize it's a special uniform and do more then just play a game changing the color of their helmet from grey to white, but wear the retros again.

Old post regurgitated.

This year I've picked up The Als Red and Blue Retros, they are timeless.
However possibly only for us Oldies who remember them playing in these back in the day.

My vote, bring em back.

Forgot 2 add, both are Game Worn.