Als 56 BC 18 0 Whoo Wee Depooty-Dog!!!

Well, now, that's more like it!!!! The Als came out with fire in their nostrils and on all sides of the ball had a great game plan - trick plays, rolling out of the pocket, great contain on Printers, deep routes, YAC yards, great protection, consistent pressure on Printers, shutting down the run, great special teams, and TOUCHDOWNS, TOUCHDOWNS, TOUCHDOWNS!!!!! That was a Statement Game if I ever saw one.

Congrats to Jim Popp for his ability to find and sign great talent, to Trestman and all of the coaching staff for their excellent preparation of the team, to AC, the O boys, the D boys, and the special teams. There were a few miscues but when a team has established a lead like that, they were not significant. The Als were able to respond right away to blot out any possible momentum BC may have had.

So, one big one down, and one to go. Let's bring it home this year! I want to greet the Als during the Grey Cup parade down Ste. Catherine St. Go Als go!!!

Amen to that!

I said they would win big. They deserve it. Stay humble and win the day guys :thup:


Congrats to the Als, definately the dominant team, Offense, Defense and special teams.

Now, I’m going to do something very very rare.

I’m going to cheer for an Eastern team this year.

Secretly, I’ve always enjoyed watching Calvillo play catch with Cahoon. How many more chances are they going to get at a Grey Cup Ring? So, for 2009 only, Sporty will be a "rent-a-fan for the Als.

Go Als Go!

Get that ring for Ben and Anthony!


im with you sport other than hoping that hamilton improves before this year ive never cheered for an eastern team really...except winnipeg in the cup two years ago...hmmm interesting trend lol...but this year its go als go LOL

The other thing is I want the Als to shut up a noisy few Rider posters (Jm, Billy, Sambo, jman, Turkey ignore this post) who we'll be stuck reading post after post about how good everything Rider related is...Riders have best fans, best Stadium, best beer, best toilets, best jails, best drift wood, and on and on it goes.

You forgot "Softest toilet paper"

ya and watermelons :smiley: