Als 5 import receiver package possible.

With Deslauries looking to be out for the ESF Popp has said in the press conference that Graves would most likely take his spot on the roster at receiver. Popp also has stated that since they usually are playing over the required amount of Canadians on the ratio it should not effect it at all.
As every has mentioned hopefully going with Lavoi as a TE will also hopefully get into the mix but there are time when teams need to go 5 wide. So if the Als continue to keep 2 ratio spots on defense and with Parker out and Gainey in that could leave the back up DB spot to Canadian. With 4 olineman and Lavoi bringing the offense to 5 Canadians a package that could see Messam who has had a solid season as a receiver and a decent blocker out of the backfield come in for Sutton placing London and Carter at the WR spots with Bowling, SJ, and Bruce III all in at receiver.
I would suspect that this would be an advantage especially with most teams usually not paying much attention to Eric D, and right fully so, along with what could be a very hungry London looking to get back into the mix.
London has stated in an article that he will do whatever role he is asked of but inferred that no matter what has happend in the regular season the playoffs are a whole new season and he thinks that he can make a difference if the chance be given to him.

According to the CFL website update London will start in place of Desluaries. My question is if it has been possible to start 5 import receivers why do they continue to start Deslaures.
to me this makes for a much more exciting match ups on the outside with London and Carter going up against the two young CB in Breaux and Davis. Also rookie safety Coutney Stephan after getting burnt by Smiths Strong arm in the their meeting 4 weeks ago will need to help cover both WR with London being a speedy deep threat as well as Carter.
Like last year in Toronto Steinhauer did a great job in molding a great Dbackfield with a lot of new CFL players but I think the Advantage now goes to Montreal

My guess is that MAB replacing Hebert and Edem starting at safety gave them the extra import slot. But I have also often read that the Als "start" more Canadians than the minimum, so that spot may already have been open. That would still beg the question as to why start Deslauriers; unless it was to get an extra import into a non-starting role. The ratio is a complex balancing act, whose deytailed rules I do not pretend to understand.

The depth Chart is out and it has graves as starting at WR and London backing up in the slot so who knows but if they can place London in at the 5th receiver spot would be a huge upgrade still.

Does not mean a thing. Depth chart includes 46 players. and Tomorrow they decide which 42 dress.