Al's - 4x1000 yards receivers... 2nd year in a row :)

Well, gotta give Congrats to the Al'S for making it this year again:

Kerry Watkins - 1,320 yards !
Ben Cahoon - 1,062 yards !
Terry Vaughn - 1,092 yards !
Dave Stala - 1,017 yards !

Nice to see them in the record book !

2 new 1000 yards receivers (Watkins & Stala) !

Vaughn - 11 season with over a 1000 Yards ..WOW
Cahoon - What can we say more, even injured the guy is still an amazing athlete ! AND MY HERO !
Stala - Hope this is the 1st of many more seasons with 1000 yards !

Now, Robert Edwards has 1177 yards in Rushing.

And who's saying now that MTL doesn't have a running game !
Many Thanks Robert !

Now close to 500 yards:

Thyron Anderson - 377 yards !
Eric Lapointe - 417 yards !

I know all you AL's haters out there, out of envy will say that this isn't worth anything if we don't hoist the CUP in november......

What more can I say, our names are in the record books and will always be remembered as the best receiving core in the CFL !

i don't think it'd suprise anyone if the Als won the Grey Cup.

but it's thier Defence thats letting them down.

Actually, it would surprise the hell out of me if the Als won the Grey Cup this year, and that's because of your last point about the defense.

This potent offense deserves better than the defense it plays alongside of. Calvillo had, what, five 400-yard games and we only won ONE of them? That shows you what pressure he and the receiving corps have been under to score tons of points this whole season. It's a credit to A.C., Watkins, Edwards, Cahoon and the rest that we're 10-7 instead of 6-11.

yes Cudoss to the Als Recievers. Congrats to the Als for having
4- 1000 yard recievers again. Bring the cup to the East Ill be routing for you guys. Im a ti-cats fan so I dont want Toronto to win it and Hamilton and Ottawa are out as far as I know. So for the rest of the season GO ALS GO

And Calvillo needs a bit above 400 yards to get a second straight 6000 yards season. But I doubt he will play more than half the game in Hamilton. If only he had performed against Toronto on October 22nd. Had he win 150 more yards (in defeat nonetheless, but still more yards), the record would be achievable.

They still have to beat SASK. and the ARGOS at the R.C.

Damon Allen is so great because he eats whole wheat bread. And Damon Allen has a very nice house because he painted the walls all by himself. And he won four Grey Cup and was a MVP, although never a MOP, but who needs a mop anyways? And Kerry Joseph is somehow a lucky man because he already met Damon Allen.

NO , ALLEN , just wins the BIG game , which ever team he is playing for...........and that is 4 GREY CUPS and 3 GREY CUP , MVPS.

He didn't get a GREY CUP ring , on e-BAY , as you wrote , before.

He should get his , 1st MOP AWARD , in 2005 , and maybe win his 5 th , GREY CUP!

Very nice. 4 MONTREAL recievers , have over 1,000 yards for the 4th year in a row. NOW , only if they could actually WIN something that actually, MATTERS! :smiley:

that's 2 years in a row, not 4! Still impressive,

Hellothere gets so easily confused when the topic isn’t Argos-related… :roll: