Al's 38 - Riders 34


Good Job boys, especially "running" the clock out at the end...

Next Week BC in OUR House...!

Great game on the road! They missed Butler on the D. Karikari 9th int.
The Als are getting better as the season goes on and they have revamped there defense in the process. But it's still a work in progress.

Ya but they better learn to tackle real soon.
How many missed tackles did we see last night?

Excellent job on the win, guys. Perhaps we'll meet again in the playoffs.....

Yeah... on November 27th...

Good game Als, it was a very exciting game from start to finish, could have gone either way. Congrats.

Calvillo was a warrior last night, and I'll take the two points, but man our defence is worrying me again. We couldn't stop the run in the second half and Crandell lit us up passing because we got absolutely NO pressure on him. Garrison didn't impress at all and Botterill made me nervous -- he's a great tackler but doesn't have the ball sense that Butler has. Maybe it's time to reactivate Rob Brown? On the bright side, Karikari is having a whale of a year.

I still don't think the Als are playing their best football yet. C'mon, guys, if you play 60 minutes, you can beat anyone!

Yeah our O is up to par, and has been pretty much all season, but our D struggled last night, no pressure from the line worth mentionning.
Good game, incredibly exciting.

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If we crossover because of this loss then rest assured you guys won't be too happy about this win come November. :smiley:

Good win, Al's. Now, if we beat the BB tomorrow, and Edm loses to TO, we've got first place sewn up!


We can't complain about our Offense, they always put up points on the board...major concern is still the "D"...

After seeing all those missed tackled last night....I was getting worried when Holmes, Keith & Szarka were running "freely"...

We'll have to improve that aspect, otherwise any "playoff" game, can become a disaster....

poor guy, BB won, EDM won! :twisted: