Als 2024 QB ?

Very interesting … thanks … of course, unless the territorial exemption evolves to precede the draft the Als would have to be in a position to select him.

Sad that it’s just in 2024 because he can maybe save this team ! Imagine a star French Canadiens QB in this market how it could help

Hopefully by then the team will have been rebuilt to a level where he has a chance to succeed … right now it is as yet unknown whether ANY quarterback on the current team really has a chance to succeed.

I hope to ! The best scenario would be to have an established QB when he arrived (If he comes here)

Ah, just like Luc Tousignant helped the Concordes?

I played basketball against Luc in high school (early for him, late for me) and was cheering so hard for him … but he was never a STAR quarterback in the CFL … perhaps rushed into starting too soon … a star French Canadian QB means his play is at the “star” level … not just that he is a French Canadian starter.

The AL’s might want to look at this guy when they are on the UCONN campus.
He will be available in 2023.

Here`s some more background on Zergiotis who played at John Abbott.

Agree but it’s never enough it seems …

Gerry Datillio QB 1980 Montreal Alouettes

Eastern nominee MOP

Most outstanding Canadian

But still replaced him in 1981 .

Never returned to the same form .

Sports field named after him in Laval .

True … but fun as it was, and it REALLY was, I never felt Datillio was a legit, long-term solution … in 1980 Gerry was 4th in TD passes (19), 5th in yardage and threw the most interceptions (20) … of course the 1982 starter (Vince Ferragamo) definitely wasn’t either.