Als 2021 Schedule

Well one game I don't think we'll miss is the BC west coast trip where nothing ever seemed to go right.

1st game bye not the best time for it but allows more practice time I guess.

Also probably makes sense to stay out west between the 2 Alberta games.

Complaining about the CFL schedule almost feels like normal times.

Yes, it's a bonus not to have to play out in Vancouver.

I also agree that the bye week coming at the beginning isn't optimal.

So we open the season in Edmonton; I wonder which team our fairweather fan will pretend to cheer for?

He might be too busy trying to figure out if MLSE really own the Als.

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La semaine de relĂąche dĂšs la semaine 1 peut ĂȘtre un couteau Ă  double tranchant. Ça donne plus de temps pour se pratiquer mais on entre dans le rythme plus tard. La bonne nouvelle est que les traditions sont maintenues: match contre Ottawa le vendredi de la FĂȘte du travail et le Lundi de l'Action de GrĂące. Beaucoup de matchs intra-division dans la seconde portion du calendrier, ça promet.

I don't like it
Yes someone has to have the bye but my problem is that everyone for game 1 will be on equal footing, no-team will have seen players in a game situtation!

Mtl game the same except Edm will all have game experience

One advantage to it. . . we'll have game film on what Edmonton looks like this season, and they won't have that for us.

Well you can also look at it as the Als will have game film on Edmonton but not vice versa.

True 5 6 7 8

I don't have problems with the Als being on bye for week 1. I don't see advantages or disadvantages.


I only see a disadvantage because there are no preseason games

And as the season goes along, a bye week there gives players an extra week to heal any lingering minor injuries.

I see having the first week off as providing more time to practice, get sharp and to watch film on opponent. And travel when you want to.

Somebody needs to be first. No big deal imo.

Good point I had not thought of that

I prefer the Alouettes situation-bye on first week- that the ones to the REDBLACKS and Argos.

The REDBLACKS play in week 1 in Edmonton, then have a bye week in week 2 and then travel to Saskatchewan for game on week 3. Costs wise, the Alouettes situation is much better.

The Argos don't have a bye before week 9 and their second bye comes on week 16 or final week of regular season.

All Easter teams play 2 games out West during first 3 weeks of regular season.

Hamilton: Weeks 1 and 2.
Toronto: Weeks 1 and 2.
Ottawa: Weeks 1 and 3.
Montreal: Weeks 2 and 3.


Late this afternoon, Santé Publique has approved 3,500 fans at Bell Centre, which means that no less than 3,500 Alouettes fans will be allowed when first games is held in Montréal, on August 27,2021. I am positive that by that date no less than 65% of fans will be allowed.

Vaccines rollout goes quite well in Québec. As of yesterday, 78% of eligible residents-12 years old +- have received their first dose; at the same time, 14% of same group have received both doses.I foresee that no later than August 26,2021, no less than 75% will have received both doses.


Only because its hockey

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Why not 100% capacity? by August 27th there will be 75% vaxxed and herd immunity.

According to Vaccine suppliers it takes at least two weeks after the second dose to reach their immunity figures.

At this point for me anyway, after a year and a half of misery. I have no issue with government taking a few months to lift their health measures so they can measure impact.

I want the government to have ZERO opportunity to blame any "wave" on the citizens...