Als 2019 Draft

Some players of interest to Miles Gorrell.

Someone’s up early :wink:

Thanks for the link Sheldon.

Tony, I am looking forward to the day when we have a decent football organization once more and can focus on this kind of stuff, instead of all the drama of the last few years.

Fingers crossed.

I’m with you. Long for the days when the Als came back and had to play at McGill with the tree growing in the north side stands.

Sigh, yup, we all want that!

Not sure I agree with this new rule being applied only to the league’s 2 worst teams each year, but the Als will get the 11th pick in round 2 as an additional territorial selection.

The two teams with the highest waiver priority will each get to make one Territorial Draft Pick – to be used to select a player born within their territorial limits at the end of the second round.

That means the Toronto Argonauts will now receive the second round’s 10th pick and the Montreal Alouettes will receive the second round’s 11th pick in the May 2 draft.

IF they are going to do I like it being at the end of the second round … gives those teams a shot at a decent player but not as disruptive as if it were after the first … a key will be making it untradeable if it is going to serve the purpose of adding “local content” to help build-up the worst teams.

So the Als have right now the
draft choices…
Not bad in the end.

Here is a bit of an Als draft preview:

They actually have 3 defenders - Muamba, Loffler, Lokombo.

And we still don`t know if National starters will be reduced to 5 or 6.

The territorial pick is a bonus for the Als, but there needs to be someone worthwhile there to pick to make it worthwhile … one mock draft I looked at had no “Montrealers (or area)” from mid-second to mid-fourth.

But they are 6 in the top 20.

But they could all be drafted by the time the territorial pick comes around … some other GMs *** might even *** pick players from “Montreal” or “Toronto” in the second round if they have several players ranked relatively equally come their pick … just to minimize the benefits of the territorial picks … owners/presidents approved adding the picks to the draft … GMs may not necessarily agree with the decision.

Hard to get excited about this, or about anything, really, while the franchise is in limbo but Kavis the Klutz and Sleepy Joe Mack are still at the controls.

Agree 100%! :frowning:

Mathieu Betts a signé avec Chicago

Cool, les Als ont maintenant une chance de le repecher.

Will likely drop him significantly in the CFL draft … how high for anyone to draft him depends on their evaluation of his chances with the bears and anywhere in the NFL.

Rendu là, repêcher Betts serait un coup d’épée dans l’eau. Après ça peut être une question de gambling, comme Jim Popp l’a fait l’an dernier. Reste que l’attrait de Betts diminuera grandement et j’ai hâte que la LCF fasse une mise à jour du classement des espoirs. Le repêchage est déjà dans moins d’une semaine.

Arkansas St. WR Justin McInnis who is from Pierrefonds, and No. 3 in the last ratings, has accepted a rookie mini-camp invite from the Colts.

11th ranked Concordia OL Maurice Simba, who is from Laval, has received a mini-camp invite from the Chiefs.

And I see the Bears will be trying out Betts at OLB, which might not be the easiest transition because he will have to learn pass coverage.