Als 2012-2013 off-season moves

I hope you are wrong in this one. This unit has been dismal for three seasons now. When is enough enough?!

We've tried difference schemes. Changed kick returners umpteen times. Replaced a bunch of the personnel. And we had two of the best ST tacklers this season in Hebert and Townsend. And yet we are still dead awful at blocking for our kick returner. We set a franchise record for lowest punt-return average this year! And then there were all the big plays we gave up, all the braindead penalties (procedure, holding, no-yards, etc.). We have changed everything but the coach. It's time to find a new ST coordinator.

The Reinbold firing is replete with irony.

The 1st thing…as Herb so rightly pointed out…was the so obvious character clash between the dominating, patriarchal, inflexible Trestman and the aforermentioned DC.
How Jim Popp could have imagined that a Head Coach who still hasn’t replaced his Special Teams Coordinator (after a much publicised personality clash) could EVER mesh with Reinbold is beyond me.
Trestman will sacrifice ANY element of his team to maintain total control.
Just ask Richardson…I doubt he’ll be back after blowing his mouth off all season.
Like Watkins, Cobourne and so many before him.

The 2nd irony…and I’m aware I’ve been less than forthcoming in explaining my position on this
Is that the defence was gelling…was really coming around.
The reason I say this (despite the stats) is my observation of how DOMINANT this defence was when AC had the rare game when he was moving the ball at will.
This defence was rigged to be aggressive…to confuse oppositions with pressures and multiple looks.
Unfortunately…an aggressively minded defence will be crippled and torn apart if the offence and special teams consistently puts it in bad field position…in a defensive position…which is what we saw for a HUGE part of the season.
Granted…the offence had it’s usual BIG PLAY ability on occassion. But the number of stalled drives and two and outs…followed by the inevitable bad field position accorded by the various Special Teams Units had a HUGE role in sealing Reinbold’s ultimate fate.
I say again that I feel this to be a shame…especially if by some miracle Calvillo retires and we finally have a dynamic, flexible, unpredictable offence again.
I can dream…can’t I?

The ultimate irony is that Reinbold is fired and Andy Bischoff retains his position as Trestman’s best b-buddy.
With all due respect to the bone Mike O’Shea threw to our ST units in the Gazette a while back (ouch…that smarts!!!)
The Alouettes Special Teams in general continues to be the worst in the league:
From the worst return averages in Alouettes history
To the impenetrable kickoffs that assasinated the Alouettes defence in the East Final
(who gives the opposition the ball CONSISTENTLY at the 50…just because they’re afraid they can’t stop Owens?..yeesh!!!)
Trestman’s continued refusal to have a dedicated Special teams coordinator is a DISASTER
And along with Calvillo’s whithering abilites to consistently move the ball
Will ensure that ANY defensive coordinator they bring in
Will be a guaranteed FAIL!!!

If AC returns…and Trestman doesn’t (fingers crossed) use his escape clause to fill some unsuspecting NFL team’s coaching debacle…
I guess we’ll just have to hunker down and ride out the next few years.
They’ll be lean
At least for anyone who still cares to see the Cup paraded down St. Catherine’s once again.

A big part of Special Teams is motivation and attitude and if I was a football player I would not be convinced by Bishoff. A guy like O'Shea who's done the business and thrown and took the hits would be much more credible. There is a lack of "bite" on that coaching staff and a good place to put some of that in would be the Special Teams Coordinator position. As for a defense coordinator. I would very much like it if Greg Marshall could be convinced to join the coaching staff. He's never won a championship but his defenses have constantly been better than average and this year that would have been enough to make a difference, he has a lot of upside too because most of his defenses didn't have the "talent" he would inherit in Montreal.

Départs que j'espère certains :

Diedrick (n'a plus son efficacité)
Osaisai (pourri)
Deslauriers (n'est pas à la hauteur)
Bekasiak (toujours blessé)
Ihekwoaba (n'a pas progressé)
Whyte (fait un travail honnête mais on a besoin de mieux)
I. Brown (autant monter un jeune canadien à sa place)

Départs possibles :

McPherson (Calvillo devrait revenir)
Woodruff (jeune joueur de qualité qui pourrait tester le marché)
Perrett (joueur accompli qui pourrait tester le marché)
D. Anderson (pourrait tester le marché malgré son âge)
Brouillette (souvent blessé)
Williams (peu d'amélioration, souvent le maillon faible de la tertiaire)
Devine (surnombre de demis offensifs)

I feel the same on many of your points, there were also a number of injuries to our Dline that made Jeff's job difficult. I was ok with Reinebold coming back and I can't wait to see the reactions here if Tibesar is brought back... Coach Trestman needs to allow some attitude injection in his staff. He's in a very similar situation to where Buono was two or three seasons ago when his staff asked him to let them have more say in how the team was run.

Si Bischoff demeure en poste pour les unités spéciales, je pète une coche et envoie à Popp ma façon de penser! Ça va me prendre une semaine pour l'écrire en anglais, mais je vais le faire pareil! Bischoff n'est pas pourri à ce poste : il est en décomposition avancée. On peut raisonnablement penser que cette situation nous coûte 2 victoires par saison (l'attaque commence continuellement avec de mauvaises positions sur le terrain) et surtaxe l'attaque en saison régulière.

Steinauer est un choix que je verrais d'un bon oeil. O'Shea va demeurer à Toronto. Il avait eu cette opportunité l'an dernier et il a signé avec Toronto pour y demeurer. Marshall? Je ne crois pas que Marshall serait une grande amélioration par rapport à Reniebold. Je ne me rappelle pas l'avoir vu diriger une défensive dominante.

Pas moi. Je veux un coordonateur avec une vaste experience de la CFL. Steinauer n'est pas pret et on a deja trop d'instructeurs avec peu ou pas d'experience.

Other candidates for the Defensive Coordinator:

Mike Sinclair and Matt Sheldon from within.
Mark Washington,Defensive backs coach with BC


The more I think about it, the more I feel that Marshall would be a strong choice. Is he great? No, but his defenses have generally been solid, gusting up to good at times. I'd be happy with that level of defense after what we've endured the past two years. With Anthony running the offense, we'll win more games than we lose if the defense is solid.

Let's also put things in perspective. Marshall may not ever have run a dominant defense, but his worst D was still miles better than what Reinebold gave us this year. We were awful, particularly in our ability to call coverages on specific downs / in specific situations, and that falls squarely on Reinebold's shoulders. Every frackin offensive coordinator in the league took turns schooling him by attacking weaknesses in our coverage, and he couldn't answer back. From what Herb reports, the problem was twofold: he had trouble adjusting fast enough to what offenses were doing in-game, and his ability to call the right coverage was poor.

And again, AC has to play ST and D for the team to be successful?!!

44 pts in last year's ESF.

This year, DesLauriers loses the ball drive stops. Bratton has pass in the end zone bounce off his pads. Game over Als lose by 7. And once again, all lies on AC.

Good grief it just never ends.

A rather quick decision; hence, Noel Thorpe is the new Defensive Coordinator. A surprise but a positive surprise.


Wow, that was quick! Trestman and Popp must have obviously had Thorpe in mind for weeks, possibly months. I'm surprised, given that Thorpe was our ST coach before and thus would have been an ideal candidate to replace Bischoff. But he's spent two years as a CIS DC, he knows the league very well, and he can also coach the DBs.

Not thrilled. Again we hire a guy with no CFL experience at the DC position. All Trestman wants to do is surround himself by guys with little or no experience. I don't mind it so much on offense where he has a vast experience but on defense we need someone who is self-sufficient.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Thorpe may be a first-time CFL DC, but he has been a DC for the past two years in CIS. He has a defensive background. And he spent a long time coaching our DBs in the Matthews era. He wouldn't have been my first choice, but I'm prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt.

We need to give more Canadian coaches jobs. I'm glad Trestman is showing faith in Thorpe.

They don't have to start as coordinators. Anyway you guys are happy, so no complaining if the defense stinks next year :smiley:

He was an ST coordinator in the CFL for many years, and even assistant head coach for a time in Edmonton. He's not some unknown CIS coach with no CFL pedigree.

Anyway you guys are happy, so no complaining if the defense stinks next year :D
I'm not ecstatic, but I see why he'd be a good hire, and I am going to wait and see what he can do before passing judgment. As far as I'm concerned, it's a new season, and I'm wiping the slate clean for everyone not named Deslauriers or Osaisai. ;)

Popp usually likes to bring in guys and groom them while they are young into the organization but the exception may be the need for a quality Canadian receiver now and Watson is that. Winnipeg also has 3 other NI receivers they have drafted and are bringing along so the possibility of Winnipeg trading Watson for one of the two first round draft picks may be something to look into. Winnipeg certainly needs to begin to build an Offensive line thorugh the draft ASAP and that would be a very valuable pick. Watson having one QB throwing him the ball on a regular basis behind a strong O line and he has the potential to be a 1,000 yard type receiver as an NI. Watson alo fits the mold as a big strong receiver from the slot for 5 receiver sets with Lavoi at TE for 4 receiver sets. Also if an Import SB richardson of green were to be injured at times like this year Watson could actually start and the O not miss a beat. having to start Deslauries due to injuries really was noticable and bad