Als 2012-2013 off-season moves

You're still trading a proven elite NI MLB for a guy who may never reach the level Emry is currently at now. That's not a great deal for us IMO.

Most great MLBs are considered cheap shot artists when they are playing at their best. You need to be really aggressive to play that position well. I can almost guarantee you that if Muamba goes on to have a similar amount of success as Emry he will be known as a cheap shot artist when he is playing his best.

I don't agree with that. Sure, MLBs are expected to be aggressive, and most (if not all) in fact are. Being a cheap shot artist, which Emry has a track record of being, is something else entirely. Look at the other MLBs in the CFL. . . Bighill, Sherritt, Simpson, Lobendahn, Muamba, Williams, and McCune. All aggressive players. No track record as cheap shot artists; only possible is Lobendahn because I seem to recall he got a major penalty or an ejection or something once for a late hit or something like that. . . but certainly no track record approaching Emry's.

I don't know if/how/when some of the Rouge et Or become draft eligibile, but I would certainly like to have Boris Bede kicking the ball for my team. At 6'4", he is already a big body, but he can get that big body behind his foot and punt the ball 60 yards, which includes coffin-corner kicking to perfection! His FG kicking is also spectacular. Unfortunately, he is French so he would have to be considered an I, unless, of course, we could convince him to stay here.

There were also HUGE bodies on their O-line who would be excellent replacements for some of our veterans on the O-line. I think I heard them say that they average 6'5" and are well into the 280/300-lb. range. Not that size is an automatic attribute - skill is what you're after - but these kids kept their QB clean. Isn't that the type of O-lineman you want?

There will be no doubt a lot of CFL teams going after these kids when they become eligible. Jim Popp - take note!

Bede played two years of Div2 ball and this is his second year with Laval so I'm not sure how the CFL draft or his CIS elegibility works. I don't even know if he's considered an import or not. RubyRod Black mentionned he was an import because he is from France LOL ! and Forde didn't correct him so this makes me think nobody is quite sure but if he's a NI he will certainly get some interest by CFL teams. He struggled last year but had a great season this year.

Even so Id rather be the team that has the cheap shot artist than the one that has to play against him particularly when he is playing his best

Last night he kicked off into the end zone…that’s 20 yards further than Whyte’s typical performance. Over an entire season, that’s got to make a huge difference. Come on Als, take note!

I was thinking the same thing watching him boot the ball. What field position he gives his team every time he punts/kicks.
And FG range too. Whyte who?!!!

Wonder if Popp was watching during his Thanksgiving holiday back home?!

This guy is impressive! When he kicked his 37 yard field goal, the ball was caught out of the back of the end zone. The end zone is 20 yards deep. That means his field goal would have been good from 57 yards! He's got a powerful leg.

À moins qu'il n'ait de sérieuses opportunités dans le rugby européen, avec l'état du marché de l'emploi en Europe, il pourrait être facile à convaincre. D'autant plus que la France admet la double nationalité...

It was interesting to note that in the Vanier game, the McMaster players looked like high school kids as compared to the huge Laval players. I believe Bede will be considered as a NI as there have been many Aussie guys who were classified as NI by the league.

Its not where your born, its where you played your minor league football. He hasn't played four years of amateur football in Canada and has played two in US college ball.

Well, that will be an interesting one for the league to figure out. All Americans are I, and they are much closer to Canada than France is in the case of Bede. There are Autralian kickers in the NFL. I wonder what their status is in the NFL.

[i]Johnny is pretty sure the rule is:

A Player who is physically resident in Canada for an aggregate period of seven years prior to attaining the age of 15 years, or a Player who is a Canadian citizen and was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate period of five (5) years prior to attaining the age of 18 years.


First move-and a good one- of the 2012-2013 off-season.

As I wrote on November 22,2012, no major surprise; I was definitely expecting that he would not be back,given complaints by players and records.

I expect that the next moves-sooner than later- will concern players,i.e. signings along with confirmation that Anthony will return.


But how do you explain the Tiger-Cats punter ?

Well, so much for the jeff Reinebold saga!

Could the next change be with Bischoff as the ST coach?!

We can only hope! :slight_smile:

I will not be surprised if Andy Bischoff remains as Special Teams Coordinator,

With regards to replacement of Reinebold,Jim Popp told CJAD that the decision of replacement will come quickly; I expect a decision before the end of December 2012. I expect that Orlondo Steinauer of the Argos will be interviewed. Grgg Marshall? Mike O'Shea?