Als 2012-2013 off-season moves

I include the moves/changes, both in coaches and players,that are more likely to happen during this 2012-2013 off-season.

Easy for me to say,since I don't have to pay for it, but I surely do hope that the Als will add 1 more coach in 2013.roughly +$110,000.- I hope that the defensive coordinator will not have to also be the coach of DBs,or LBs or DL.

Jeff Reinebold: I am positive that he will not return in 2013. Signed a 1 year contract that will expire next month. I would not be surprised if he leaves before end of next month. The new defensive coordinator will have a 4-3 defense/system. Internally,candidates could be Mike Sinclair and Matt Sheldon. Externally, some of the candidates could be Mike O'Shea-not my preference-and Orlando Steinauer, both of the Argos.

Andy Bischoff: Will remain with Als,but with less reponsabilities/functions. He could remain be the Special Teams Coordinator and also Administrative Assistant to Head coach; if so, Brendan Nuget could become running back coach. A new Special Teams Coordinator could be hired and Andy would remain as running back coach and Adm. Asst. to Head Coach.


Rod Davis LB,I. As I wrote before, given his salary,age and the new 4-3 defence, I don't expect him back in 2013. Marc-Olivier Brouillette could be an OLB or it could be Kyries Hebert; if Hebert, Marc-Olivier would be the starting safety.

Dahrran Diedrick FB,N. Won't be back. The Als will-unless not available- draft Steven Lumbala,RB, in the first round of the 2013 CFL draft.

Chima Ihekwoaba DE,N. Won't be back/will become a free agent. A major disappointment. Bo Adebayo and Ameet Pall will be much better than Chima.

Adriam McPherson QB,I. With the return of Anthony,Adriam will become a free agent,unless he is traded before free agency begins. The Als have at least 10 QBs on their negotiating list and some of them could be invited to training camp; I also expect Kyle Quinlan to be invited to training camp. Some of the QBs that could eventually interest the Als are: Rhett Bomar,27, former 5 th round choice of Giants,in 2009,Brian Brohm,27, former 2 nd round choice of the Packers,Jacory Harris,22 and Troy Smith,2006 Heisman winner and 5th round choice of Raven in 2007.

Luc Mullinder DE,N. Will retire,according to Herb.

Wopamo Osaisai DB,I. no surprise.

There could be other moves,particularly if the Als cannot come to agreements with Jeff Perrett and/or Andrew Woodruff; personnally,, I foresee at least 1 of them back. I say Jeff Perrett will be the first to agree to a new agreement. I expect Brian Bratton and Eric Deslauriers to be in training camp.


If Bischoff is replaced at Special Teams I want someone with the relevant background, someone that has actually coached special teams.

A question that has to be asked is whether Trestman should relinquish some of the play calling to Brady so that he can focus more on the bigger picture of the complete team.

I definitely expect Rod Davis back, even with a 4-3. I`m working up my appetite Richard. :smiley:

I agree about Chima, although he was a pet of Mike Sinclair. But Adebayo and Pall did not impress me much either, Adebayo not even dressing down the stretch.

I won`t bet you on Osaisai Richard. :smiley:

Jim Popp mentioned Michael Ola a couple of times during his interviews this week, so my gut feeling is we will sign Perrett but lose Woodruff.

If we do revert to a 4-3 and Reinebold goes, we have ample replacements for Davis. With Cox and Emry entrenched at Sam and Mike respectively, we could fill the Will spot with Ingram, Brouillette, or Hebert.

I hope Richard is right in most of his predictions, especially Reinebold going and Bischoff relinquishing the ST coordinator role. We make those two moves and we have taken big steps towards repairing those two units.

Frankly, I think Mike Sinclair should get consideration for the DC position. He’s been here for years and has put in some good work as the D-line coach. He deserves to be in the mix for the position.

I'll get jumped on I'm sure for this one. . .

Trade Emry to Saskatchewan for Shomari Williams and Craig Butler.

Williams/Brouillette at MLB, Butler at safety, and move Hebert to WILL.

You won't get jumped on by me,but Jim Popp would show incompetence if he was to trade Shea Emry for Williams and Butler; Williams has been tried as DL,MLB and OLB and he has been a disappointment; if he was an Import, he would have been gone a long time ago. I know,you are not a fan of Shea,but he is a very good MLB/one of the best.


Yeah, no way am I trading Emry for Shomari F. Williams. In fact, I'm not trading Emry at all unless the deal is so good we can't refuse.

Assuming Bekasiak is good to go, we would seem to have the depth to start a NI at DT in 2013 (Bekasiak, Adebayo, Pall). I don't want Jenkins back, obviously. Cash has done good work this year at DT. But we will need to find a DE to be an effective bookend for John Bowman. Is that person Lockley? Doubtful. Jim needs to bring in a ton of talent at DE next season and give our DC (hopefully not Reinebold) plenty of options.

We absolutely need better four-man pressure next season. With Reinebold's crappy alignment and all the injuries, we couldn't really generate pressure unless we sent heat, which left our secondary exposed.

re Rheinbold... believe there was speculation that he was not going to be back as per CJAD.

Oh, please let it be true! If I never see that cowboy man/zone combo defense again, it will be too soon...

Also, I cannot see any other DC keeping Osaisai on the roster unless the DC is related to Osaisai somehow...

Okay, then how about Emry to Winnipeg for Henoc Muamba and a draft pick?

Why would we trade Emry for Muamba? We've got plenty of draft picks this year, so really, we don't need another one.

Thankfully Jim Popp isn't Eric Tillman. He's not going to trade an elite player at his position (and a ratio-breaker, no less) for anything less than fantastic value.

Because Muamba is a Canadian as well, he's younger, and he's not a dirty cheap-shot artist.

I suggested the draft pick because I don't like trading Emry one for one for someone, I want (and think we should get) something more. If not a pick, then take Muamba and one of their DEs for Emry, a DE who can complement Bowman.

I certainly wouldn`t trade Emry. Also Shomari Williams will be a free agent if not resigned by Sask.

What would it take to get Corey Watson out of Winnipeg? Mack is a dumbass we can probably get him for Deslauriers and a 6rnder. Now thats a "good" canadian receiver we can have in the lineup that might just catch the ball and hold onto it!

Shawn Gore of B.C. is another potential frre agent but I read he has NFL aspirations and I`m sure B.C. will go hard after him to keep him.

He's younger, but has proven far less. Emry is elite at his position. The dirty play thing? Meh. Linebackers, particularly middle linebackers, are paid to play on the edge. If I'm Popp, I hang on to Shea. He's the kind of player you can build a defense around.

I suggested the draft pick because I don't like trading Emry one for one for someone, I want (and think we should get) something more. If not a pick, then take Muamba and one of their DEs for Emry, a DE who can complement Bowman.
Now that I like a lot more. Getting a DE in the deal would make it a lot more feasible to me.

You guys are tough customers. Why would you trade an All Star NON IMPORT linebacker who is happy in Montreal, even learning the language for players who have done nothing (Shomari) in particular. I like Shea and I this team.


Indeed. We need to improve on defense, but not at MLB, where we have a ratio-breaking all-star in his physical prime.

Okay, okay, forget Shomari Williams, go with the Emry for Muamba and a DE deal.

Why would I trade him? Because he's a dirty, cheap shot artist. That's why. We could use another DE and I think Muamba has upside.

Not my priority mind you, there are other areas that need upgrades. But if Mack would go for that deal, I'd do it.