Al's 2005 Team Picture

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Enjoy guys, very nice picture with the 3rd uniform...and even "The DON" is smilling :slight_smile:

It sure makes a nice wallpaper on my laptop !

Nice !! thanks for the link :slight_smile:


Everybody knows the "Where's Waldo?" game... Now try to spot Ezra Landry !

And beside, if this is a family picture, they should not have included the adopted brat. His number 93 is still showing...

NIce photo
I think Landry is standing on a chair.

yeah I know, when I saw Ezra in the picture I was like, couldn't they put him on a milk case or something...

BTW, don't go at Costco to print these pictures, I got a NAZI employee yesterday that wouldn't allow me, I went elsewhere ! :slight_smile:

Team picture was taken on October 21st from the info that I got from a player.

Word was still on th team then....T&T, a little Photoshop modification can't hurt..:wink:

What do you mean he would not allow you????

Ok I tried Costco, Wal-Mart & Pharmacie jean-Coutu, they all told me that this picture will be stopped at the photo lab, because it's a copyrighted picture...

I would need the Al's authorisation to print them ! Looks like I always get stuck with the one that are "uptight" with the rules....

I have a basic printer at home and don't use it often, well rarely, my cartridges have time to "evaporate" before I use them...and it's not gonna print it very nice, and neither those sort of copier/printers in store where they only copy it on a supposed photograpic paper for printers.

I'll just try to get the al's authorisation on it tomorrow....even if I have to pay for it...

Next try, will be Future Shop Photo...or I can always try to fake the Al's website with MS Frontpage, print it and show it to clerk.

Sorry if I mention store names, I dont want to give them free publicity !

I finally found a "Mom & Pop" photo store in Ottawa near my work place.

They did an 8x10, quality came out 8 out 10, since the jpg file isn't the orignal one. Quality is very acceptable, i'll sure use it monday when i'll waiting for them at the airport !

Order was placed at Future Photo, still waiting...

Strange they would do that seeing so many peole could just print at home.