Als 2 pt. convert

After the Als scored their 4th TD Calvillio passed to Cahoon for the 2 point convert (and I was sitting RIGHT in front of the endzone so i could see the line perfectly) firstly he was down and on his knees with a Bomber player touching him and then when dove to the endzone the barely even touched the line, let alone crossed it and into the endzone. (couldn’t think of a better way to phrase that) I hope the refs were listening to the Bomber fans chanting “bulls#!t”

that was good. he didn't have to cross the line . just touch it. and no bomber touched him while he was down. should have but didn't

Yeah. I kind of noticed that every bomber player justed stopped dead when they saw Cahoon on the ground. They saw him start to move and then woke up. A little late though. At least it wasn't as bad as that touchdown that I think toronto scored. when the reciever caught the ball, came down and EVERYONE just stopped. he got up and scored.

Yeah, watching the replays, it looked like the convert was good. Ball doesn't have to be in the endzone, just has to touch the line, and the first Bomber to touch him did so after the ball had already touched the line. Whatever, we still won.

you have to finish the plays.......a lapse in concentration or thinking someone else has ended the play can be a mistake that costs you.....never assume....unfortunately a lot of good players get caught every once in awhile... 'looking'.......the refs. made the right call on the 2 pointer by Cahoon.... :roll:sometimes they do get it right

Having said all that, wasn't the offical 20 yards into the end zone that made the call not the offical on the line? From my seat 80 yards away it looked like he wasn't in.. :lol:

I can't remeber the play exactly, but if Cahoon was contaced before he went down, then the ball should have been spotted where he went down.

BTW that TD at the back of the endzone is still ticking me off because there was no way that Cahoon had control of it when he came down. That was not a TD.

no comment on the td play, i was watching and it didn't seem to bother me at the time so it must have looked legit to me. the defensive coverage bothered me just not the call.