Already received my playoff Tickets in the mail?!

I don't get it anybody else get theirs in the mail Friday? my visa hasn't been charged yet? :o

just a question? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

isn't this really jumping the gun!

Got mine via email five minutes after ordering them - so I'd say you aren't alone :smiley:

Got mine too as I stated in another thread.

They are doing it like this so that they don't have to rush to get our tickets to us if we win today.

Your card won't be charged until the game is confirmed.

Not a season ticket holder and i Have 4 ....

Got mine already too :smiley:

Season ticket holders who renewed also got a deal on their playoff tickets. I saved $20 per ticket just by agreeing to renew early so my playoff ticket which will sell for $90 (assuming there are any platinum seats available) was only $70.!!

And yes, it came in the mail on Friday, now all that's required is for us to go kick some bomber butt this afternoon!