Already have my playoff tickets

Here in Hamilton the marketing/ticket sales department never miss a chance to sell tickets at very fair rates to TiCats fans.

Within hours of clinching a playoff spot last Friday night every season ticket holder, flex pack holder and single game ticket buyers received an email advising them that the Cats would be hosting a playoff game (either the semi-final or final). A few reminders since then by email as well about not only the playoff offer but for our 3 remaining home regular season games

For season ticket holders who already have a playoff ticket in their packages - they were given first crack at buying extra tickets as of 10AM this past Monday. Flex pack holders like me were given the chance to buy playoff tickets at their flex pack pricing starting Tuesday and single game purchasers from this past season could buy Wednesday with general public sales starting today. .

So Tuesday I not only bought a pair to match my flex pack but I was able to get two additional seats at the Flex pack regular season price. So four seats at just $38 a pop. Yes - the seats are 19 rows up in the 2nd deck on the east side at about the 15 yard line - but still a decent view. And for just $38 each for what will likely be the East Final - VERY fair price.

Here my $38 view.

I’ve been to a lot of games in a lot of stadiums. That’s a good seat! Except they are on the east side. Sun sets in your eyes.

With one more Als win and one more (inevitable) Argos loss and I’ll get my playoff credit! Wahoo!!

Now thats a franchise that knows wat it is doing.

True Munsey - but with a 1PM start and sun not setting until about 5pm on November 17 we should be OK. In fact if it is a cold day I might be happy to be in the sun. Having said that ironically that shot in my first post in this thread was from the (very warm) Labour Day game that I had posted on Facebook with the comment “Yay! 2nd quarter CLOUDS!The hot sun wearing black Ti-Cats t-shirts hadus bothbaking in the first quarter.”

But yes evening games through the season the sunsets can be a bit of an issue - but boy they can make for a spectacular view too. Here some samples from this season.

They need to close that gap in that one pic, but ya, great view. Thanks for posting

This will be the first time since season 1, no playoff game in Ottawa. Been spoiled.?