Do you think we could win?

I hope so. that would mean some improvement and some sort of changes that stick.

Could?.. Yes we COULD win

WILL?... Will we win... certainly not if we play like we did on Saturday!!

It's hard to win without TDs so I'd say chalk up another loss for the Cats.

An Argo-Cat fan

mabye if Callvio plays the way he did for us!

Not on Friday but we could win on Saturday. :lol:

We will not win if Maas starts. Possibly if Chang plays, but that's assuming the O-line blocks for more than 1 second.

This team's going to need at least a good three seconds of pocket protection for these guys to have any sort of success... but that's kinda a given on anyday

If the results of some of the CFL games over the past two weeks are any indication, it could be a rough ride for the Ticats against the Alouettes this coming Saturday night.

Week One
Roughriders 16 Alouettes 7
Stampeders 37 Ticats 9

Week Two
Roughriders 49 Stampeders 8

The winless Ticats will have to take their game to a much higher level to have a realistic shot at beating the winless Alouettes in the "Basement Bowl" on Saturday night.

Yes we win by 3 17-14

Hamilton Defence is horribly bad. Horribly bad.
Those guys get burned just as often in the 1st quarter as they do in the fourth quarter.
Meanwhile the offence is intent on giving their D as much in game experience as possible.

A Friday win is easy. The other team wont be there. The game is Saturday.........wait a minute maybe this is the offensive plan. Play the game without the other team there ..........brilliant.


Hell we can win every game, but will we

Could yes, but my prediction is no even though Montreal hasn't exactly been lighting it up.

vs Montreal: 0-3

vs B.C.: 0-4