Alouettes will draft at #3

with Edmonton being eliminated today. Looks like we will be drafting #3 our highest pick in over a decade.

It worked out well for us. Linemen seem to be the cream of this year's draft crop, but I trust Jim to draft the right player at #3.

This should help us out quite a bit were pretty deep on the offensive line but more depth there is always nice and a good young defensive lineman might persuade Reinbold to play a defence that actually works

We have 8 picks in this draft. So we might go after a couple redshirts as well. I can't see us drafting an offensive linesmen but Stephan,Gaydosh or Lokombo. Any of those 3 would be good picks. I've been told that Calgary is talking with Winnipeg about Glenn for their #1 pick and another player. Ticats have needs at both Oline and Dline. Calgary must be eyeballing someone.

Calgary is just schooling the east division. Unloading Burris for Glenn, who salvaged their season and put them in a position to host the playoff game they won last night. Now shopping Glenn right back to that same division for picks and players. I wouldn't play poker with the Huf. :lol: :cowboy:

If he pulls that off he should go to the general managers hall of fame

I'm told the deal is already made. A week later he decides to start Tate which makes sense if you've made a deal for Glenn.

Where did you hear this? I think it would be a terrible idea for winnipeg to do that. Glenn is a good but not great QB not a long term solution for that position

I'm a fan of Stephen Alli of the Florida Gators. Popp has a tendancy to pick Olinemen, I think this time it should be a receiver. However Popp picks off the board. I hope Brody McKnight works out in Edmonton. Still waiting to see this guy do his thing.

Someone on the team.

Glenn is a good QB and exactly what Winnipeg needs to buy time and develop their own quarterback. Glenn with Pierce as his backup and a young #3 Is a pretty steady combination. Mack's job is on the line. Another start like this season and he will be canned six games into the season.

There are almost 6 months before the CFL draft and many scenarios could happen to alter the order of the draft; nevertheless, at this time,I hope that with pick number 3 the Als will select RB Steven Lumbala,rated fifth by the Scouting Bureau; he ran for 250 some yards last saturday,against Regina.While the Als need an Non-import WR,they also need a RB.

If Lumbala is already selected, I expect the Als to draft an OL,probably Matt Sewell;rated fourth.


I have no idea how it will work out but we will get some really good prospects drafting 3,(6 to 8) and (15 to 17). We already have a bunch of kids on the roster. So I would not be surprised if we went with a couple juniors in our top 3 picks and probably half of our 8 picks.

Sewell, Jones, Lokombo,Lumbala,Gaydosh,Alli are all interesting prospects in the first round for the Als.

What a huge mistake that would be for Winnipeg HUGE. Have the Bombers not learned anything that signing the same old retread QBs will not get you to a Grey Cup. Edmonton will tell you that. They better get working on that O line. They have been in the east for a while so they should have a pretty good idea about how to be a contender every year by playing Montreal. How do they think that Calivillo has been able to be successful for so long. He rarely gets touched because they always have O line grooming to replace an older part.
Huf knows what he is doing getting that second pick will give him some deeper canadian Content on the O or D line. They have so many good Candian players that they were able to start 4 import receivers due to injury of Forzani then Franklin and still not skip a beat.

I don't know about that. they missed the playoffs with the QB's they had by quite a bit. They are opening their new stadium next year. I'm sure they would like to make the post season.

There are other ways and other trades that can be made. i Dunno the draft has become much more important. Everyone says it was kevin Glenn who led them to the playoffs and 2nd place. he had 25 TDs and 16 INTs. Jon Cornish had to have a career season as did Nik Lewis also had to have his first hundred yard catch season. Glenn has put up alot of yards over the years and has gotten more than enough chances as a starter and he is a career .500 QB he is not worthy of the second over all pick in the draft. He is a fine back up now do to experience so if Winnipeg wants to be mediocre than Glenn is your man. Pick a young prospect get an O line together and begin to build an exciting future. the have already spent 3 years with a QB that was inconsistant by not being able to stay on the field going to another teams cast off ( as Pierce was with BC) who has played inconsitant for his whole career including here Winnipeg once. With Bo Mitchell waiting in the wings I am sure that they will try to unload glenn for a team in desperation only a sucker would bite if they sign him to be there #1 QB.

Glenn took the Bombers to the Grey Cup. He put upf 53 points on us last year in the ESF. He's not a Calvillo or a Ray but he's everybit as capable as a Burris or a Durant. Cornish or no Cornish. He managed to win 11 games this year in Calgary, 9 for two consecutive seasons in Hamilton and with the exception of one season in Winnipeg consistantly put up winning seasons. He's not flashy but he can manage a game. Like I wrote above its not about winning a Grey Cup its about Mack saving his job so he can keep moving forward.

mistake :smiley:

Well, I would definitely take Glenn over any QB in Winnipeg right now. Brink and Elliot have their moments, but they're simply not going to produce winning seasons, and Buck Pierce is far too prone to injury.

Brink nor elliot have never been given the chance to be a number one QB. How do you know unless you are given that Chance. at one time kevin glenn was not a starting QB but then they gave a young kevein glenn a chance instead of a guy who is over 30 with a .500 record.
You have to make room for change and you have to give new younger players a chance.
Glenns chance has come and gone for that. signing glenn a your starter you are signing on to mediocraty. Elliot in a mess of a situatin was named offensive player of the week this season twice

Steve you keep missing the point :wink: Joe Mack is trying to save his job... He can't even think of building a Grey Cup team if he does not come out winning some games right out of the gate next year. He comes out 0-5 like he did this year and he's out of a job and he'd bee unemployed for a few years when the Bombers came knocking. I'm sure he would prefer a Lulay or a Calvillo but they are not available. He will trade the draft pick and live to fight another day...