Alouettes warehouse sale

Hi everyone
Went to the big sale last night, if you need any Gear head down, prices are great, Jackets, hoodies, Hats really cheap. Get ready for next year and support your team. :smiley:

Yeah I hear yeah boahica. I just got back from the warehouse sale and they got a bunch of great stuff for cheap. Especially those jackets. If I had the extra $30 - $40 in my budget, I would have grabed those too. A really nice jacket that is usually $120 going for $40, you cant' go wrong.

I liked those bins they have of accesories. Flags, keychains, buttons and such. If anyone has a baby or small child in the family, they have all sorts of gear for the little ones too. It's never too early to sway a little ones choice of team to root for. :smiley:

Their selection of caps is really good too. When I was going through the old jerseys I was wondering if I'd come across some infamous relics. You know, jerseys with names printed on them that didn't really pan out. I saw a #99 Hunt jersey.

In total I spent $126.47. Flashlight $3, Key $2, Flag $5 & Furry winter hat $20.
The big purchase... Drumrollllllll please.
The kickass superdooper golf bag for $80!! I've had my eye on this for 4yrs but it was $270 so I passed on it everytime, till today. :thup:

I have a feeling they will clear out almost everything there, so go asap or else it might be to late.

NOTE: If you have had your eye on something but they don't have it on the floor, ask them. I'm sure they have other stuff stashed away thinking who would buy it. That's how I got the golf bag. Only two left, and they were in the back collecting dust.

Cheers folks and have a great wintery weekend.
Le Chugg. :rockin:

I went by the sale today and was very pleased. They didnt have anymore xl winter coats but i found other cool things. I found the 60's red jersey which i always wanted to complete my collection 15$ cant go wrong with that. My daughter got a hat 5$ my wife got a tshirt 5$. There was a hat that my son cried and cried he wanted last time we were at the game but it was 35$ at the boutique. Went through a 5$ hat bin and found it!! Yay!! I also got him a als hockey jersey also 15$. I was actually tempted to buy that Hunt jersey it was the new ones from this year 25$. Im sure there is a way to remove the Hunt and keep the 99. 99 is still a cool number. Im pretty sure they are going to continue this sale because there is so much crap i dont know what there gonna do with it!

My daughter and I arrived late today. Dale and his team had just finished closing up, but gladly re-opened the store just for us.

Thanks for a great job guys! :thup: :thup: